Photo Transfer To Wood {Video Tutorial!}


So many of you have enjoyed the Photo to Wood Transfer tutorial that I made a few years ago that we thought we’d make a video tutorial to show exactly how the process is done. Photo transfer to wood supplies: Unfinished Wood Panel. Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. Colored Photocopy. Foam Brush. Krylon Triple Thick Glaze Spray. Wash Cloth & Dust Buddy. This short video will teach you all the little things I’ve learned along the way about how to achieve {Read More}

DIY Beaded Wreath Necklace with Tassel


Spring is here so let’s create a beautiful green necklace! This wreath necklace reminds me of a vintage brooch but with a modern twist. Let’s get started! Supplies needed to make your own beaded wreath necklace: 26 or 28 Gauge Jewelry Wire 16 Gauge Jewelry Wire Beads (I used 4mm bicone crystals, 3x4mm crystal rondelles, and slightly larger beads from my stash) Jewelry Chain (I recommend purchasing two) and a Jump Ring Jewelry Wire Cutters Flat Nose Pliers Anvil Chasing hammer Step {Read More}

Copper Foil Homemade Coasters


I am loving the look of metallics right now so I thought I would whip up some copper foil homemade coasters for my home.  The copper foil tape from Consumer Crafts makes this one a quick and easy craft that anyone can make.  Follow along below and make your own version this weekend. Supplies needed to make your own copper foil homemade coasters: Unfinished Wood Coaster Set. Americana Chalky Finish Paint (I used Everlasting White). Darice Foil Tape (I used copper metallic). {Read More}

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden


The weather in California has been absolutely beautiful this month. It’s made me anxious to get started on our backyard garden. We usually plant an assortment of summer vegetables and essentials that I use in our everyday meals. Since we’re in the middle of renovating our backyard, our garden will have to wait a little longer to be planted. However, I found a way to keep some of my favorite herbs planted indoors until then. This mason jar DIY herb {Read More}

How-to: Humpty Dumpty Stepping Stone


I have always been scared of concrete, cement and hypertufa.  Not scared as in spiders and heights scared, but scared-to-work-with-it scared.  In my mind, it was messy, difficult and would ruin everything it touched, including my hands, my house, my kitchen, my tools.  You get the picture.  WELL.  ‘Tis not true, my friends!  Yes, it was slightly messier than some other projects, but not any more messy than making clay plant tags or working with DIY playdoughs and such.  I {Read More}

Rollin’ with the Gnomies: DIY Sign For Your Garden


Okay. Already I know you might have some questions. I think that the two most prevalent ones may be – what are the Gnomies, and why are we rolling with them? This DIY sign is an homage to two wonderful things: the 90’s and garden gnomes. Both are drastically under appreciated for their awesomeness. If you think way way back to a movie called Clueless, Brittany Murphy’s character, Tai, dances with a boy to the song “Rolling With My Homies” by Coolio. But she {Read More}