DIY Date Box for 100+ Date Night Ideas


Hey guys! Colleen here from Lemon Thistle and I’m excited to show you this DIY date box that’s such a fun gift idea for a couple or for your sweetheart. You could even create a year full of date ideas and attach gift cards to give as a wedding gift. I’ll raise my hand… I’d like to receive that! The bush stroke pattern adds some fun pops of color but the hand lettered detail is my favorite. Supplies needed to {Read More}

Nautical DIY Baby Shower Banner


You can make your own nautical DIY baby shower banner in just a few minutes with the step by step instructions below.  The best part is that this banner is chalkboard and can be disassembled after the party.  Change it up for the nursery or for another party later down the road.  Just string the banner on rope to make this one easy project that can be used over and over. Supplies needed to make your own nautical DIY baby shower {Read More}

Turn an Old Baking Pan into 3 Road Trip Games


We are a camping family – and this means that we spend some time all cooped up in the truck together, headed to whatever campsite we’ve chosen. And while it is fun to sing songs and play “not-touching-can’t-get-mad” with your sister, sometimes it’s nice for Mom and Dad to have a few distractions for the hollering kids in the back seat. Using just a thrifted baking pan (this is a pizza pan, but any relatively clean metal pan will do) and {Read More}

“Our Year Looks Bright” Teacher Gift Idea


This afternoon when I got the mail, I had two little bills waiting for me.  Back to school fees.  Eek!  It is hard to believe, but we are already in July and my children only have about 5 more weeks of summer break left!  Where did the summer go!?  I am both excited for them and sad for me but I know that next year will be full of new adventures and great things.  So today I am sharing a really {Read More}

Creative Lunch Box Note Ideas For Kids


If you have kids who are home every day in the summer, right about now you are gazing at the calendar, willing school to start as soon as possible. I mean, how many camps, games and crafts can one parent plan, prep and supervise?! Well, no worries, school is just around the corner. Pretty soon you’ll be missing your kiddos during the day. And I have the perfect way to let them know you are thinking of them during the school {Read More}

3 Easy DIY Book Cover Ideas


School season is almost upon us and before you know it we’ll be elbow deep in number 2 pencils, wide-ruled paper, and after school snacks. Of course, there’ll also be new school books that will need to be covered so I’m here to show you three super easy DIY book cover ideas that are fun to make! 3 DIY Book Cover Ideas: Basic Cover. Before we can start decorating, we need to go over the steps to making a basic book {Read More}