DIY Gingerbread House & Birdhouse In One


I love this little DIY gingerbread house project for Christmas in July because it works now as a birdhouse AND it works later as a darling little flickering nightlight for Christmas.  I plan to do a whole little bird city with all the houses Consumer Crafts has available (See them all HERE).  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a birdhouse painting party with a bunch of friends or neighborhood children? It is a wonderful way to get out of the {Read More}

Easy Christmas Lanterns With DIY Vinyl Decals


You may think it’s nutty to start thinking about Christmas in July. But I think it’s genius. Some of my girlfriends and I were just talking about how if you started getting ready for Christmas in July, the month of December wouldn’t be such a hectic time. And handmade gifts wouldn’t be such a daunting task. Turning these lanterns into Christmas lighting with DIY vinyl decals was ridiculously easy. And these are the kinds of crafts that can be so rewarding. Five minutes, {Read More}

Christmas in July: Homemade Advent Calendar


Happy Christmas…in July! Actual Christmas will be here before we know it and one thing I’ve always wanted to do was to have an advent calendar for my family.  My children love counting down til Christmas (or any holiday) and I have never been able to bring myself to buy an expensive advent calendar.  So we typically either have a cheap one filled with cheap chocolate or do nothing.  So this year I wanted to get ahead of the game, {Read More}

DIY Harry Potter Bookmark Gifts


Can you believe there are only 160 days until Christmas? That’s just a little more than five months and you know how crazy things get around Halloween and Thanksgiving so really, it’ll be here before you know it! If you’re planning on getting an early start on making (or at least pinning!) some gifts for your book-loving friends, this DIY Harry Potter bookmark tutorial is for you! Supplies needed to make your own DIY Harry Potter bookmarks: Bright Silver Book {Read More}

Handmade Stenciled Note Card Set


Handwritten letters are rarely seen anymore, but there is one group keeping this fading art form alive: teachers!  When I was a teacher I kept a stack of cards in my desk, so I was always prepared with a “thank you,” “great job,” or “happy birthday” message.  My kids treasure and save cards they get from their teachers.  So, with that in mind, why not kick off the year with a pretty note card set to give the teacher?  With {Read More}

Craft Organization Ideas to Keep You Out of Trouble

craft organization ideas

Crafting can sometimes be a slippery slope. One day it’s a small hobby you’re doing in your spare time and your supplies are neatly organized in a small corner or your office. Next thing you know, crafting supplies have taken over your house and you can find them all over the place. (Photo courtesy of our blogger, Shaunte. Check out her craft room.) Craft organization ideas can make spur of the moment projects easier, help you save money from buying duplicates {Read More}