Quick & Easy Bubble Garland Party Decor

DIY garland bubbles - Crafts Unleashed

For our 4 year old’s recent birthday, we went with a “bubbles” theme. We had a bunch of different kinds of bubbles to blow for kids who are fascinated by chasing them. For party decor, I made simple paper circles into a bubble garland and added photos from her first four years. Supplies needed to make your own quick and easy DIY garland: Cardstock Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter Tool Tape Thread This circle cutter is crazy fun to use. {Read More}

Mini Pinatas: Party Decor, Entertainment, Favors…All in One!

How to make a pinata - small and simple

Pinatas are a spring and summer party staple, but the big ones are time-consuming (and messy!) to make. Why not make minis? Party decor, party entertainment, party favors…all in one! I will show you how to make a pinata that is quick and fun to make yourself! The supplies are easy to gather! All you’ll need is: Sturdy Cardstock Tape Scissors Twine Small Hole Punch Glue Colored Tissue Paper Your choice of filler Start by cutting out the shape of {Read More}

Sparkle Soda: Simple Embellishment for a Fun Gift


There are lots of everyday occasions to give someone a little surprise that doesn’t break the bank. Use this idea to take someone’s favorite beverage and make it extra special! For mom or dad? A teacher? A BFF? Everyone has a treat beverage of choice. I think this would be such a fun gift to find in the spot where the less-glitzy beverages usually hang out! All that’s required? Just two things: Your Choice of Beverage Adhesive Craft GemsĀ (I used {Read More}

Free To Do List Magnet Template


I love “to do” lists. I love laying out my plan for the day and checking boxes. But I get a little annoyed at writing the same things on my to do list all the time– there are lots of repetitive tasks that I need to be reminded of. I decided there had to be a better way to remind myself of the mundane items without making almost the same list over and over. Here’s my solution, and I’m kinda {Read More}

Oven Bake Clay Domino Pendants

Oven Bake Clay Domino Pendants

If you haven’t tried oven bake clay, or haven’t used it lately, here’s a simple and fun project that’s not only fun to make, but fun to wear! Making these pendants will pull you headlong into a new clay jewelry making obsession. Simple geometric shapes pop in a fun color, and a domino makes a sweet pendant. Supplies needed to make your own oven bake clay pendants: Oven Bake Clay Glue-on Bail Jewelry Glue Knife Ball-point Pen Oven The hardest {Read More}

Homemade Soap Gifts for Kids

DSC_0808 copy

Whether you want to make something for kids you know or you want to help a child make a fun handmade gift for friends, these simple homemade soaps are sweet and fun and so easy to put together. The glycerine melts easily, so it doesn’t need to be very hot. You could do this with a child who is old enough to follow directions while you work together. Choosing what to add to your homemade soap is the most fun {Read More}

DIY Mini Canvas Image Transfers

Mini canvases

These tiny, adorable and affordable canvases are begging to be covered in art or photos and shared! I chose two of my favorite pieces of my daughter’s art from this year. Whether you choose to display these quick projects on a matching tiny easel, propped with some other pretty bits or by adding a hanging loop to make a holiday ornament, you’ll love the memories on display. To create your own similar mini canvas image transfers, you’ll need: Mini Canvases {Read More}

Kid Zombie Silhouettes

Kid Zombie with watermark

There are a lot of Halloween decoration options. This year I decided I wanted my kids involved. And by involved, I mean I decided to decorate with my kids. Well, not with them, but WITH them. I made my 6-year-old into a creepy kid zombie silhouette! It’s quick and easy to do. The supplies needed for a kid zombie silhouette: A Roll of Foamies in Black An Artograph Projector A Black Sharpie A Photo of a Zombie Scissors A Ball-point {Read More}

Gilded Animal Bracelets

animal bracelet header

After weeks of negotiation, my daughter and I settled on a zoo theme for her birthday. Or I thought we’d settled. By the time the beads to make bracelet favors arrived, the plan had changed. That ended up being great, because I came up with an idea for the supplies that meant new accessories for me! Supplies needed to make your own gilded animal bracelets: Animal Beads Hemp Cord Styled Connectors Gold Acrylic Paint Yellow Acrylic Paint Paintbrush Pipe Cleaners {Read More}