How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

I always have lots of crepe paper left over after decorating for parties.  Crepe paper is inexpensive, but I just hate having things go to waste.  Here is a tutorial for making pretty crepe paper flowers. I used them as gift toppers, but the possibilities are endless!

DIY-crepe-paper-flowersSupplies needed to make your own crepe paper flowers:

Take 4 feet crepe paper streamer and cut jagged edges on one side.  It does not have to be perfect, you want it to have a random feel.

crepe-paper-flower-2.1Using a needle and thread, gather the crepe paper along the bottom straight edge.

crepe-paper-flower-3Start rolling the crepe paper onto itself.  When you have only 2 feet left (half way) insert the needle straight through the center to secure the center of the flower.

crepe-paper-flower-4Continue gathering and rolling to shape the flower.  At the 3 foot mark, insert the needle through the center again to secure.

crepe-paper-flower-5Keep rolling until you run out of paper.

crepe-paper-flower-6Secure the paper by punching the needle straight through the center one more time.  Knot to end.

crepe-paper-flower-7Attach flower using glue to ribbon.  There you have it, an easy crepe paper flower.


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