DIY Party Decorations: Large-Scale Signs

I am always looking for inexpensive DIY party decorations. This one fits the bill!

Once you make the initial investment in tools, the possibilities are endless! I decided to make a sign for an upcoming work party with a fiesta theme.

DIY Party Decorations Large Scale Signs 2- Crafts UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own large-scale DIY party decorations:

fiesta sign stepsStep 1: Print your desired image/word onto a piece of printer paper. The total size should be no more than 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

Step 2: Place the printed image on a sturdy surface and position the projector on top of the image. The image should face up. Face the projector towards a blank wall.

Step 3: Turn off the lights in the room and pull the curtains closed. Leave just enough light that you can see your hands in front of you. Now you can turn the projector on and play around with the direction of the image to get the look you want.

Step 4: Tape the poster board up where the image is projected on the wall. Now you can trace the outline of your image using a pencil.

Step 5: Cut out the outline and erase unwanted lines as you go. If you have awesome scissor skills, you will excel at this part. However, my poor cutting technique lead to some seriously wonky lines. Which I am embracing, of course. :)

Step 6: Hang your new DIY party decorations. I used fun washi tape to tape my fiesta sign up.

DIY Party Decorations Large Scale Signs - Crafts UnleashedNow you are ready to party!

Side note – how many perfectionists out there are cringing over my funky-looking ‘t’? Haha!

My next project is to make a sign saying, “It’s a boy!” Perfect for a baby shower. Do you have any parties coming up that could use a bit of a boost in the party sign department?

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  1. Kim M says

    Ha! I’m an admitted perfectionist, but there’s no cringing over here. I LOVE that handmade things have subtle little quirks like that. Your sign is totally cute (I didn’t notice any wonkiness before you pointed it out) and the “T” gives it even more of a fun personality, IMHO. :-)

    (Personally, if I absolutely need smooth lines and total perfection, I will buy something… but when I create, I try to aim for “perfectly imperfect” instead!)


  1. […] If you really want to make a sign yourself, then try something simpler. Print out an image or a word. Then place it on a sturdy surface and position the projector on top of it. Turn on the projector and trace the outline of the image on a the wall covered with blank paper. Cut out the outline and hang your new sign.{found on craftsunleashed}. […]

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