Festive Party Drink Tags

Festive party drink tagsI don’t know about you, but when I host gatherings at my place, I worry about the details. And I’ve figured that sometimes, it comes down to the little details that can make a huge difference. Here’s a super-easy drink tags tutorial that will add a little extra to your next shindig. You can also use them to help your guests remember which cup is theirs!

Supplies needed to make your own festive drink tags:

Take your baker’s twine and wrap it around the middle of the mason jar twice. Tie the ends off with a double knot, then trim the ends.
02Next, work on your label. Print out your message into several columns across the cardstock (fit as many as you can onto one sheet of cardstock).

03Cut each column into a thinner strip, and place the washi tape either under or above your printed message.

04Take your hole punch and turn it so the bottom faces you. Line up the message and tape within the punch area, then punch.


07To adhere the label to your cup, take a glue dot and adhere it on top of the knot you tied on the mason jar.

08You can also punch a hole and string baker’s twine through each circle, to hang on your cup if you’d like.

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  1. Jean Bullock says

    You are absolutely right about the little details making a big difference. Love the little circle tags. Your suggestion that it would help guest remember their glasses is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.


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