Washi Tape Wine Charms

I love crafts that involve wine corks.  I throw a lot of wine and cheese parties so I have lots of corks saved up.  Here is a simple tutorial for making wine charms using just a couple of wine corks.  This is the perfect craft if you only have one or two corks laying around, because one cork makes 5 to 6 wine charms.

Washi tape wine charmsSupplies needed to make your own washi tape wine charms:

On a protected surface, use a craft knife to slice the cork into quarter inch slices.

wine-markers-with-wine-corks-1The craft knife should cut the corks pretty cleanly. Take the washi tape of your choice, and cut it into lengths longer than the cork.

wine-markers-with-wine-corks-00Place the cut washi tape pieces over the cork and cut around it.

wine-markers-with-wine-corks-final6Place a coat or two of Mod Podge over the washi tape and on the sides of the cork to insure the tape is secure.

wine-markers-with-wine-corks-final5Insert a screw eye hook and twist until it’s in place.

wine-markers-with-wine-corks-final3Thread the cork through the wine charm finding and prepare for your next big wine and cheese party!

Washi tape wine charms - Crafts Unleashed

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