Washi Tape Marshmallow Pops

This is my go to treat when I have to make favors for parties.  It is super sweet, but that’s why it’s a treat!  When I make it for kids I usually use candy wafers, which are sweeter than regular chocolate.  When I make it for adults, I usually use dark chocolate and sprinkle it with caramel and sea salt.  The possibilities are endless with these easy treats.

Washi tape marshmallow popsSupplies needed to make your own marshmallow pops (recipe makes 1 bag about 50 marshmallows):

marshmallow-pops-1.1Cover the cake sticks with washi tape, lengthwise. Leave about a half an inch on the top exposed.  Trim off excess tape.

marshmallow-pops-2Repeat for all cake sticks.

marshmallow-pops-3With the exposed side of the stick, pierce each marshmallow.

marshmallow-pops-4Warm up candy wafers per the instructions in a microwave safe mug.  I find that a mug works the best because it retains the heat and it’s not too wide, but deep.  Dip marshmallow into melted candy wafers.  I like to do only a half dip because the candy wafer is sweet, but you could also do a full dip.

marshmallow-pops-5Set to dry on non-stick icing sheet.

marshmallow-pops-6There you go, so easy and so sweet!  Like I mentioned before, you could vary these instructions in so many ways.  Sometimes I add sprinkles or drizzle another color chocolate on top.  You can change the color scheme for different occasions.

Washi tape marshmallow pops - Crafts UnleashedI would love to hear your different ideas on making these marshmallow pops.

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  1. Linda says

    I’ve been doing something like this for awhile now , but it’s basically a can of vanilla frosting and a bag of marshmallows , warm up the frosting , dip the marshmallows in it , get them all coated , put on a plate coved in foil or waxed paper and stick in fridge , and bam .. mind-blowingly tooth buzzingly sweet marshmallow yumminess ….. Hope no one minds me popping my idea on this , I just love the frosting and marshmallows , and had to share , I swear I try to just eat one , but i’ll find myself sneaking back into the fridge saying just one more ….heheheh

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