Tulle Flower Favor Boxes

Tulle flowers - Crafts UnleashedNeed an idea for how to package party favors? I wanted to share this quick and easy tulle flower tutorial. It’s great for parties, as well as bridal showers and wedding favor boxes.

Supplies needed to make your own favor boxes with pretty tulle flowers:

Take 4-6 tulle circles and stack them on top of each other. It’s okay if they aren’t stacked perfectly on top of one another.

02Fold them in half, then in quarters.

03 04Pinch the folded side with one hand, and then sew the piece together at the pointed end. You only need a stitch or two here.

05Do this 5 more times, ending up with 6 sewn triangles. Then stack them all on top of each other and fan them out. Hold them tight with one hand and sew them all together to form the flower.

06 07 Grab a needle with a larger eye, and thread the baker’s twine through the tulle circles. This will attach the twine to the flower and allow you to tie the flower onto the box.
08Fill the box with goodies, then tie the flower on.

09And Voila! You are now ready for your party!

Tulle flowers 2- Crafts Unleashed


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