Beach in a Jar: DIY Coconut Oil Moisturizer


Today we will be making what I affectionately refer to as “Beach in a Jar”. This creamy coconut oil moisturizer has the smell of the beach without being an overwhelmingly coconut scent and it goes on like buttah. This coconut oil moisturizer is NOT a typical lotion that you might put on your hands. Rather, it is a thick oil that is perfect for your skin after a long bath, or perhaps even while AT the beach.  I love to take a {Read More}

Spring Burlap & Floral Centerpiece


If you’re on the lookout for a pretty and simple spring centerpiece, this burlap and floral centerpiece project is a great option! It’s simple and fresh with a little country chic coming from the burlap and button garland. Add a floral centerpiece to your Easter dinner table, give as a Mother’s Day gift, or easily mass produce for a springtime wedding — either way, your guests will surely be impressed! Supplies needed to make your own spring floral centerpiece: Flowers {Read More}

Spring Challenge: Chicken Wire Tussy Mussy


Today we are going to be making an over-sized, outdoor, tussy mussy of sorts.  Typically, a tussy mussy is a small, triangular, metal vessel designed to hold flowers.  Sometimes they are used in weddings to hold bouquets or placed on doorknobs in the home.  This chicken wire version is a monster sized reconfiguration of the idea, meant to add an outdoor “vase” for your garden.  These could also be really fabulous at an outdoor wedding to line the aisles! Supplies {Read More}

Pottery Barn Inspired Easel Place Cards for Easter


I’ve mentioned in other posts that I love projects that have more than one use.  These easel place cards are pretty and practical! They can be used not only as a place card, but also as a food label or just as a pretty photo frame. I was inspired by these Easter place cards at Pottery Barn.  Once you have all the supplies assembled, you could easily make several of these in no time! Supplies needed to make your own {Read More}

Feathers and Bling: A Wedding Fascinator


I’m in a hair-accessory phase right now. For some reason, I can’t get enough of barrettes, bobby pins, and hair bling. And the most fabulous and epic of all hair accessories can be found at a wedding. Who doesn’t love a bit of drama in a bride’s hairstyle? Oftentimes, when the words “wedding” or “bride” are attached to something, the price of that object can skyrocket. Creating this simple feathered fascinator is not only simple, but it’s also easy on the {Read More}

30 Second Glitter Tea Lights


Are you planning a wedding this year?  Or perhaps a big party?  Make these 30 second glitter tea lights in a jiffy.  Plus, they will look gorgeous on your reception or party tables.  These are so quick and easy that I decided to make a video tutorial just so you could see the process in action. You only need two supplies to make these glitter tea lights: Clear Cup Tea Lights Sparkle Glitter Tape Step 1: Choose the Sparkle Tape color {Read More}

Make Your Own DIY Temporary Tattoos


Valentine’s day is coming up {very} soon and today I have a fun little gift you could make for your sweetheart or some fun DIY temporary tattoos you could make for your kids anytime of year!  Today, we are going to mainly look at kid designs, but you could certainly personalize the design to be anything you choose.  That IS why we DIY, right??  Custom is queen! Supplies needed to make your own temporary tattoos: Silhouette DIY Tattoo Paper (You {Read More}

Easy & Cute “Don’t Burst My Bubble” Valentine Crafts


This year for Valentine’s day my daughter will be handing out a fun alternative to the usual barrage of sugary offerings. This fun little Valentine crafts favor is sugar/gluten/peanut allergy free and best of all- inexpensive. Plus, let’s be honest- everyone loves bubbles! Supplies needed to make your own “Don’t Burst My Bubble” Valentine crafts: Wedding Bubbles (24 count) Red and White Baker’s Twine Felties Heart Stickers Acrylic Heart Charms Scissors Hole Punch Burst My Bubble Printable PDF The first thing you will {Read More}

Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Treat Bags


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! These quick and easy Valentine’s Day treat bags are perfect for any Valentine’s Day event, and can be easily customized for any occasion. Classroom treats, Valentine’s Day party favors and more! With a few simple tools, you can easily create a ton of these inexpensive Valentine’s Day treat bags in no time at all.  I love the look of these treat bags because they’re simple and elegant and I was able to use craft tools that {Read More}