30 Second Glitter Tea Lights


Are you planning a wedding this year?  Or perhaps a big party?  Make these 30 second glitter tea lights in a jiffy.  Plus, they will look gorgeous on your reception or party tables.  These are so quick and easy that I decided to make a video tutorial just so you could see the process in action. You only need two supplies to make these glitter tea lights: Clear Cup Tea Lights Sparkle Glitter Tape Step 1: Choose the Sparkle Tape color {Read More}

Fall Decorations: Bleached Bandana Lanterns


Consumer Crafts recently introduced a whole line of super cute lanterns (see them here!). I knew I wanted to order some, but had a hard time determining which one!  The other problem?  I wanted to use them as fall decorations for a harvest/Thanksgiving table, but the black was reading a little too “Halloweeny.”  Join me today to check out the transformation of these little black lanterns into chic autumn bandana wrapped lights! Supplies needed to make your own bandana lantern fall {Read More}

Fall Themed Tablescape in Aluminum and Burlap


  When the temperatures start to descend and the air gets so crisp you can taste it,  all I want to do is be outside.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks — they are all outdoors as long as possible.   To celebrate the falling temperatures and the garden harvest, I put together a little “muffin bar”.  Won’t you join me in a celebration of Fall? Supplies needed to create your own fall theme tablescape: Aluminum Cake Pans “Zinc” Pots with {Read More}

DIY Party Decorations: Large-Scale Signs

DIY Party Decorations Large Scale Signs 2- Crafts Unleashed

I am always looking for inexpensive DIY party decorations. This one fits the bill! Once you make the initial investment in tools, the possibilities are endless! I decided to make a sign for an upcoming work party with a fiesta theme. Supplies needed to make your own large-scale DIY party decorations: Jr. Artograph Projector Pencil Colored Poster Board Scissors Printer Washi Tape (optional) Step 1: Print your desired image/word onto a piece of printer paper. The total size should be no {Read More}

A Fun 4th of July Craft for Kids: Glittery Star Wands

Glittery 4th of July Craft Wands

I’ve been a military dependent most of my life, so the Fourth of July has always been a major celebration in my family, especially when living overseas.  My most favorite thing about the Fourth of July is the parades.  It’s so exciting to watch a procession of cars and bands while waving American flags.  I thought it would be fun to add something to wave with the flag, so I made these patriotic parade wands.  This would be a great {Read More}

How to Make a Vintage Hot Air Balloon

How to make a hot air balloon - Crafts Unleashed

Need a vintage hot air balloon to decorate for a baby shower or a little girl’s room? You’re going to love this tutorial! You can completely customize this Hot Air Balloon to fit any theme or style. You can even make it functional by adding a small light (like the Mini Party Accent Lights or LED Tea Lights) to the inside and turn your hot air balloon into a lantern. So sweet! Supplies needed to make a hot air balloon: {Read More}

Mini Pinatas: Party Decor, Entertainment, Favors…All in One!

How to make a pinata - small and simple

Pinatas are a spring and summer party staple, but the big ones are time-consuming (and messy!) to make. Why not make minis? Party decor, party entertainment, party favors…all in one! I will show you how to make a pinata that is quick and fun to make yourself! The supplies are easy to gather! All you’ll need is: Sturdy Cardstock Tape Scissors Twine Small Hole Punch Glue Colored Tissue Paper Your choice of filler Start by cutting out the shape of {Read More}

Washi Tape Wine Charms

Washi tape wine charms - Crafts Unleashed

I love crafts that involve wine corks.  I throw a lot of wine and cheese parties so I have lots of corks saved up.  Here is a simple tutorial for making wine charms using just a couple of wine corks.  This is the perfect craft if you only have one or two corks laying around, because one cork makes 5 to 6 wine charms. Supplies needed to make your own washi tape wine charms: Washi Tape Wine Cork Craft Knife {Read More}

How-To: Pom Pom Cake Toppers

How to make pom poms - cake toppers

Are you looking for an inexpensive and easy way to dress up an ordinary or even a store bought cake?  I have the pefect solution for you… pom pom cake toppers! After this quick step by step tutorial, you’ll know how to make pom poms in no time! A little yarn and a few wooden dowel sticks is all it takes to create  this easy and super fun cake decoration! Supplies needed to make your own pom pom cake toppers: {Read More}