Wedding Crafts and Wedding Favors

Wedding crafts are an easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to your big day. We have a variety of projects, wedding favor ideas and more so you can find inspiration for your unique wedding event. Browse below to find the perfect project for your upcoming event and click on the project image for detailed instructions.

Rose Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe


One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last few years is to start making my own hand and body scrubs. I used to spend a fortune on scrubs from a local spa, thinking it’s the only way I could get my hands to be soft and smooth. Oh, how wrong I was! Making your own homemade sugar scrub is really easy to do and costs a small fraction of what you’d pay at a store or spa. The {Read More}

Homemade Soap Recipes: 3 Holiday Pine Combos


If you read my golden Menorah post, you might have noted that I am a BIG fan of the Evergreen Pine fragrance.  BIG FAN.  I decided to try mixing it with a few different scents for a fast and easy stocking stuffer for Christmas.  I experimented with several homemade soap recipes and combinations and am excited to share my results with you!  Today we are going to make 3 homemade soap recipes: Peppermint Pine marbled soap, a Lavender Pine & {Read More}

Autumn-Leaf Oatmeal Spice Homemade Soap


Today’s homemade soap craft is a very simple one indeed!  You need a few simple supplies and very basic artistic skills to create these simple, charming oatmeal spiced soaps.  Let’s start with the base! Supplies needed to make your own homemade soap: Oatmeal Soap Base Spice Medley Fragrance Oil Metal Leaves Food Coloring Gel and Paintbrush Glass or Ceramic Bowl for Mixing Soap Mold Cut your soap into cubes and melt slowly in a double boiler or very carefully in the {Read More}

Pumpkin Shea Butter DIY Lotion


This DIY lotion is similar to my summer Coconut Oil ‘Day at the Beach’ Jars, but a little more substantial, yellow in color and smells like fall itself. The base oils are coconut oil and shea butter (pictured) found at bulk food stores, specialty groceries or online.  I buy mine at Amazon or Costco. The rest of the supplies for this DIY lotion can be ordered quickly online at Consumer Crafts. Supplies needed to make your own pumpkin shea butter {Read More}

DIY Bubbles: Make Your Own Bubble Party Favors


How cute are these itty bitty colored bottles?  The pretty colors screamed “summer” to me, and one of my favorite summer activities to do with my kids is to blow bubbles.  So I put the two thoughts together and made these adorable DIY bubbles for custom party favors! Since these are glass bottles, these DIY bubbles are not really appropriate to use with young kids, but they would be beautiful as favors or table decor for an outdoor wedding or {Read More}

Burlap & Floral Rustic DIY Gift Boxes


I make a lot of the gifts I give, and often they’re small.  So when I found this punch board that lets you make scrapbook paper DIY gift boxes, I knew I would use it a lot!  Not only does it work great for small gifts, it’s also perfect for making up favor boxes for your party or DIY wedding.  I’m going to show you today how quickly you can punch and fold a gift box, and give you an {Read More}

20 DIY Wedding Craft Ideas


Planning a wedding can get expensive, but if you’re crafty, your dream wedding doesn’t have to break the bank! There are so many brilliant DIY Wedding ideas out there so we decided to round up 20 of our favorites to share.  Explore our collected ideas and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be inspired to create something for your big day that’s better, and less expensive, than the store-bought alternative! Click on the image you like to see the full tutorial. Enjoy! {Read More}

Sugar Scrub Recipe: Orange & Brown Sugar


Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating dry skin and help to lock in moisture with nourishing oils. I’m known for always having sugar scrub containers around. My sisters often leave my house with my latest sugar scrub creation and make requests for their favorites. I’ve been making my own scrubs for years after realizing how pricey they can be to buy. Back in college, my friend and I sat down one weekend and experimented with different sugar scrub recipes and {Read More}

Pottery Barn Inspired Easel Place Cards for Easter


I’ve mentioned in other posts that I love projects that have more than one use.  These easel place cards are pretty and practical! They can be used not only as a place card, but also as a food label or just as a pretty photo frame. I was inspired by these Easter place cards at Pottery Barn.  Once you have all the supplies assembled, you could easily make several of these in no time! Supplies needed to make your own {Read More}