Craft Basics: Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for craft ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Browse all our projects below for craft basics inspiration for all levels of crafting. Click on any project image below for detailed instructions and tips.

Jumbo Clothespin DIY Mail Sorter


There is nothing that my little ones like to do more than “check the mail.” They watch for the mailman- and usually fight over who gets to go out and grab the mail, and bring it into the house. I am not sure why this is such a fun event for them- considering most of what we get on a daily basis is boring- bills, bank statements and junky business flyers. A lot of times the mail gets gathered by {Read More}

Edible Terrarium Activity For Kids


Each summer in our house, we like to have a Bug and Garden week.  Though bug-catching is a stalwart standard, I always try to switch up things just a bit.  This year we made moss marshmallows for an edible terrarium activity, created a family of lady bugs and even planted a Venus fly trap!  Join me today as I share our activities! This edible terrarium activity is a project inspired by Jenn at Rook 17′s terrariums.  She makes the cutest {Read More}

Dresser Drawer Turned Craft Room DIY Shelf


Now that we are getting settled in our new house, I am working on setting up my craft room. (So excited to finally have one!!) I have been hunting up cabinets and storage and all those useful things – but I’ve also been wanting to make some cute things too! I have a few drawers that were leftover from a dresser I turned into our entertainment cabinet – and I thought that one of them would be a fun little DIY {Read More}

DIY Message Center With Gold Leaf Accents


It’s that time of year, my son is starting school again, and my schedule is getting a little crazy. I am always writing notes to myself and I needed a place to put them.  I decided to make this fun little message center with a touch of gold! It matches my work area perfectly and gives me a place to keep all those notes secured. This gold leaf message center is so easy to make and you only need a {Read More}

Laminated Recipe Card and Free Printable


Baking is messy.  It’s just a hazard of the craft, right?  I really enjoy baking, though, and I have a little trick to share with you today to keep your favorite recipes close-at-hand, protected from spills, and looking great for a long time to come!  About 15 years ago, I had the idea to laminate one big card with my favorite and most-used family recipes.  That way, I didn’t have to haul out the whole recipe book for the ones {Read More}

A Home for the Birds ::: DIY Birdhouse City


After creating the little Gingerbread House Nightlight for Christmas in July, I was hooked on the meditative painting of little birdhouses.  I decided to use my gingerbread house as the jumping off point and create a whole DIY birdhouse city. Consumer Crafts has a whole line of adorable little wooden crafts and a variety of little birdhouses in particular.  I chose my favorites, but you should check out the whole selection HERE.  If you are looking for houses in particular {Read More}

DIY Paracord Macrame Gift Wrap


Macrame is hitting main stream again and it is hot!  I wanted to give it a go with a couple of super simple projects.  My solution was DIY paracord macrame gift wrap.  I came up with two different ways to incorporate beginning macrame knots into pretty packages that are perfect for a birthday or any other celebration. All you need for this DIY paracord macrame gift wrap project is paracord! I used paracord in a variety of colors for my {Read More}

Shibori Tie-Dye Sweater Tutorial


Have you seen all the beautiful Shibori fashion everywhere lately? I love almost everything about Anthropologie’s Azul Dye Pullover except for the price! Why not make your own? I was first introduced to the art of Shibori when I sponsored a local workshop with a fiber artist demonstrating the method. Consumer Crafts was wonderful enough to sponsor the event so it seems fitting that I’m now sharing this great Shibori sweater tutorial with the Crafts Unleashed family! Shibori is a {Read More}

Colorful DIY Shoes Refashion


If you’ve been following me on social media – you might have figured out I have a bit of thing for shoes. And not really plain old shoes – but fun, unique and super cute shoes. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t always run to fun, unique and super cute shoes – so I have to make my own DIY shoes! I especially love anything with a retro or oxford look to it – so this sweet DIY shoes refashion has a {Read More}