Craft Basics: Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for craft ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Browse all our projects below for craft basics inspiration for all levels of crafting. Click on any project image below for detailed instructions and tips.

Valentine’s Day Stuffed Owl {With Free Owl Template!}


Call me a hopeless romantic, but I love Valentine’s Day.  I love putting hearts on everything, and making cute valentines…and eating copious amounts of chocolate.  It’s a great holiday. This year I decided to spoil my kids with a special valentines toy–these Valentine’s Day stuffed owls, and I’m sharing the free owl template with you!  I sort of have a thing about owls (meaning I’m obsessed with them) and these stuffed owls turned out so cute!  My little girl loves them and {Read More}

Rose Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe


One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last few years is to start making my own hand and body scrubs. I used to spend a fortune on scrubs from a local spa, thinking it’s the only way I could get my hands to be soft and smooth. Oh, how wrong I was! Making your own homemade sugar scrub is really easy to do and costs a small fraction of what you’d pay at a store or spa. The {Read More}

Homemade Lollipop Heart Valentine Treats


These homemade lollipop heart valentine treats are easy enough for a beginner and turn out beautifully.  They’re perfect for classroom parties or a fun little surprise for teachers, friends, the postman – anyone! Supplies needed to make your own chocolate heart valentine treats: Candy Heart Mold. Chocolate and/or Vanilla Candy Wafers (I used pink, red and chocolate). Large Lollipop Sticks. Edible Candy Eyes. Chocolate Melter/Fondue Pot. Clear Cellophane Bags. Twist Ties or Baker’s Twine. Start by melting half a package of “melts” in a fondue {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Love Decor Letters


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air!  Why not put it on your walls, too?  Make a beautiful piece of love decor wall art to show your “love”.  This fun project uses craft foam letters, making it an affordable and light weight project.  You can easily adapt this idea to make door decor or mantle decor! This love decor letters project is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor but would also make a beautiful piece at a bridal shower, {Read More}

Valentine’s Day DIY: Conversation Heart Wreath


When it comes to Conversation Hearts (the traditional Valentine’s Day hard candy), there are two types of people…either you love them or hate them. I’ve got to be honest, I’m on “Team Hate Conversation Hearts” because they are way too sugary for my taste. But I loved using them as inspiration for this Valentine’s Day DIY Conversation Heart Wreath! The colors are so much fun and I loved customizing each heart with a different sweet sentiment. Hope you enjoy making {Read More}

Simple Frozen Princess Crown

simple felt frozen princess crown

I’m stopping by today to make your life a little easier.  Your little girl(s) is already playing Frozen 24-7.  You know all the songs, all the characters and are often forced to play bit-parts in the constant reenactment that happens in your toy room.  It’s about time your little one had a crown.  And, this simple felt frozen princess crown will look oh so cute on her! This princess crown is very simple to make.  I made you a free template, it {Read More}

Knitting Loom DIY Neck Warmer


Are you all keeping warm during these cold Winter months? Why not do it in style with this super fast Knitting Loom DIY Neck Warmer! Not only is it functional and cute but it also can be easily customized with just a little surface crochet work. Also, I thought I would mention that anybody can make this DIY neck warmer. Even if you’re the worst knitter in the history of the world (which I know isn’t true since I’M the worst!), {Read More}

Elsa Inspired DIY Wand Craft


Even though the movie FROZEN came out over a year ago, my children are both still obsessed.  And to be honest, so am I!  I love the music and it is just a beautiful movie with a lovely overarching theme of sisterly and family love, it’s so sweet.  And who doesn’t love Olaf!?  Cutest snowman ever!  Because my children love FROZEN and they love to dress up like characters and pretend, I decided to make my daughter a pretty Elsa inspired DIY {Read More}

Easy DIY Storage Solution For Washi Tape


Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the best ones. You need only three things to make these clever DIY storage washi tape racks for your crafty space! Since we moved into our house about three months ago (okay – four months – I’m lying to myself only to make myself feel better), my craft room has become a bit of a dumping ground. My desk became the hub of the space. I’d drop all sorts of things on it as {Read More}