DIY Felt Pouch Tissue Holder


With Easter this weekend — the next holiday we’ll be looking towards is Mother’s Day.  Today’s tissue holder project might be just the thing for you to whip up for mom.  It’s super functional and easy too.  I don’t know about you, but I always carry tissues in my purse or bag! Why not carry them in style?   I thought I’d share these DIY felt pouch tissue holders with you. Supplies needed to make your own felt pouch tissue holder: Felt (colors of {Read More}

Fabric Crafts: Vintage Fabric Wrapped Ampersand


I have a deep and abiding love for vintage fabrics. They are so pretty and colorful, and I love all their sweet florals and patterns. And since my previous job was as a graphic/website designer, I have a thing for typography too. This giant Spring fabric crafts wrapped ampersand is the perfect blend of those two loves! When I saw the giant paper mache letters that Consumer Crafts carries, I just knew I had to wrap one up in pretty {Read More}

How-to: Natural Fabric Dye with Turmeric & Blueberries


I have done very little fabric dyeing in my life. To be honest, it kind of intimidates me! I consider myself a seasoned crafter but I still get nervous that I will permanently mess something up with fabric dye. However, I decided to face my fears and try natural dyeing techniques. Guess what? It is totally awesome! It’s easy and fun. Just about any fruit or veggie will dye fabric. You can even use certain spices. So it’s fun to {Read More}

DIY Watercolor Canvas Tote Bag


To celebrate the sweet spring days ahead, I decided to create this watercolor canvas tote in the pastels of early daffodils, tulips and crocus.  Combining watercolors with stronger yellows and pinks made pretty combinations reminiscent of the garden this time of year. The two basic things you will need are your paints and a canvas.  In this case, I am using a canvas TOTE as my canvas! Supplies needed to make your own DIY watercolor canvas tote: Canvas Tote Bag (I {Read More}

Fat Quarter DIY Purse Tutorial

Fat Quarter Purse Tutorial from Crafts Unleashed

Looking for an easy tutorial to help you get comfortable with your sewing machine? You’ve come to the right place then! This Fat Quarter Purse Tutorial will guide you through the detailed steps to making your very own purse from assembling the free pattern to the final stitch. For you more seasoned sewers out there, use the free pattern as a jumping off point for endless additions and customizations! Supplies needed to make your own DIY Fat Quarter purse: Fabric {Read More}

Kids Craft Idea: Ice Cream Spoon People Felt Rollup


This little project comes as a result of seeing all the spoon people designs floating around the Internet.  I wanted to make something similar, but smaller and more compact.  When I saw these little ice cream spoons on, I knew I had my medium. It’s the perfect kids craft for the winter months! When the kids are cooped up, this little spoon people village is a fun and entertaining activity. Supplies needed to make your own spoon people felt {Read More}

Handmade Gift Idea: No-sew Custom Tote Bags


I love making custom tote bags as gifts. You can make book bags, knitting supply bags, general purpose bags… whatever you’d like. Add your own personal touch and you’ve created a one of a kind gift. You could sew your own totes, or embellish with stitching, but I personally like quick and easy. So, no-sew decorating is the way to go! Grab yourself some pretty fabric, fabric glue and blank pre-made tote bags and you’ll be able to easily create {Read More}

Make a Musical Felt Cupcake Craft


The first word I learned when I lived in Japan was “kawaii,” which means “cute.”  I fell for all the kawaii plush items and decor available.  My admiration for this fun style lead to this idea: a musical felt cupcake!  This felt cupcake craft gift is easy to make, and when you push down on the candle, it plays “Happy Birthday.” This musical cupcake craft would be a cute way to top a birthday present, or maybe leave on someone’s desk for {Read More}

Plastic Canvas Challenge: DIY Mobile with Plastic Canvas Butterflies

DIY mobile - plastic canvas butterflies

 I wanted to create a decor piece that was sweet, girly and unique for my daughter’s nursery. I came up with this pretty and feminine DIY mobile as part of the Crafts Unleashed Plastic Canvas Challenge! SO.  I dove in face forward to our challenge, but OH MY if I wasn’t challenged! I have never worked with plastic canvas before and to be honest — I don’t really like plastic. I started using a clear and sparkly Rex lace to {Read More}