Fabric Crafts: Vintage Fabric Wrapped Ampersand


I have a deep and abiding love for vintage fabrics. They are so pretty and colorful, and I love all their sweet florals and patterns. And since my previous job was as a graphic/website designer, I have a thing for typography too. This giant Spring fabric crafts wrapped ampersand is the perfect blend of those two loves! When I saw the giant paper mache letters that Consumer Crafts carries, I just knew I had to wrap one up in pretty {Read More}

DIY Embossed Monogram Letter Decor


Last year, I made a marquee letter for my second son, and of course, my other kids wanted their own monograms to display in their rooms.  My oldest son wanted his to be different from his brother’s, so I had to come up with a new letter decor idea.  Since he has a car themed room, I decided to embellish his monogram with gears and make it look like a machine.  I think I was successful!  Here’s how you, too, {Read More}

Valentine’s Love Notes & Heart-Shaped Gift Boxes


When I was a kid, my parents gave me (and my siblings) Valentine’s. It was usually just a small gift, a token of their love. Isn’t that sweet? Despite the negative rap this holiday gets, I still think it is a great time to share little mementos of affection. With that in mind, I came up with this inexpensive, little Valentine’s love notes and gift box idea. It’s a simple and cute gift that’s sure to sweep your loved one off {Read More}

How To Organize Your Craft Supplies With Paper Mache Boxes


Many of us start the new year with the resolve to get organized.  My biggest “disaster zone” is my craft table.  It’s always cluttered with supplies I haven’t yet put away.  In an effort to tame the clutter, I made some simple, inexpensive storage pieces that will keep my crafting supplies within easy reach but also make them easy to put away quickly. Today, I will show you how to organize your craft supplies with paper mache boxes! For this {Read More}

Alphabet DIY Wall Art


Looking for an inexpensive way to decorate a large section of a bare wall? Paper mache letters are not only inexpensive but super easy to work with and light enough to hang up. Plus, who doesn’t love to see the alphabet up on a wall?! Let’s get started on this super cute piece of DIY wall art! Supplies needed to make your own alphabet DIY wall art: 8″ Paper Mache Letters (all except for “O”) Paper Mache Heart (edges trimmed) {Read More}

Decorative Paper Mache DIY Storage Boxes


If you love to make your own personal decorative pieces, you’ve come to the right place!  I’m going to share an inexpensive way to add some of your own personal style — and a little extra DIY storage space — to your home with these decorative paper mache DIY storage boxes. Years ago, my sister and I made a square set of these decorative DIY storage nesting boxes for my mom with an Americana theme (dark red, navy blue and ivory {Read More}

DIY Penny Craft Letters


The very first craft I had in mind for our little girl’s nursery were these “Penny” craft letters.  I wanted to reference her nickname and also do a little play on materials.  The choice of copper pennies influenced the colors of this space from start to finish. From the fading coppers and golds of the honeycomb wall to the more peach than pink color we chose for the walls.   The craft itself is very simple and is not that {Read More}

4 Tier Fabric Covered Wedding Card Box

4 Tier Fabric Covered Wedding Card Box

Despite working for a craft company, at the beginning of my planning process, I never expected to have so many handmade wedding elements.  After I started adding up all the costs for save the dates, invitations, reception décor, etc. I knew that I could make so many of the pretty things I had on my “want” list.  I left the big things to the pros and my mom and I started crafting as many things as we could.  I saved {Read More}

Storytelling Through Crafting: A Mixed Media Shadow Box

Mixed Media Shadow Box - Crafts Unleashed

I think crafting is like storytelling. When we make a gift for someone, we’re telling them that we care. Things we make for ourselves tell about our style and interests. Sometimes, crafts tell the story of what we love or have loved. That’s what this shadow box does. I’ve always been a fan of shadow boxes. It’s a great way to collect and display special mementos that won’t fit in a scrapbook or album. Last year, I shared tips on {Read More}