Wood Crafts: DIY Faux Animal Head Trophies


If you are looking for some fun whimsical art for your walls, my faux animal head trophies may just be for you.  These little guys will adorn your wall with an elegant white and gold statement.  The whimsical nature of these wood crafts are sure to leave your guests with a smile.  Change up the colors to use in other rooms of your home as well.  Maybe a bright glossy red animal head for your son’s room?  A hot pink {Read More}

How-to: Gold Leafed Wooden Eggs


Easter is right around the corner! I just love this time of year, the colors, the flowers, it’s getting warm, and I love to decorate! I love decorative eggs and I knew I wanted to decorate some a little differently this year. That’s when I decided to make these pretty gold leafed wooden eggs! I tried my hand at gold leafing.  If you have never tried gold leaf never fear. It is actually really easy to do and the project {Read More}

Plaid Tape DIY Planter Box


Want a little St. Patrick’s Day fun that won’t be thrown away after the holiday?  Join me today as we make a gilded DIY planter box chock full of REAL LIFE clover!  Let’s start with the planter though, shall we? Supplies needed to make your own DIY planter box: Gold Washi Tape Gold Leaf Gold Duck Tape Unfinished Wood Planter Box Decoupage Medium Walnut Stain Plastic Wrap Soil & Clover (green or purple) Start with your gold leafing.  Apply a thin {Read More}

Spring DIY Printer Tray Decor


Add a fun spring DIY printer tray to your spring decor with this simple craft project.  Add your own spin to this project with an assortment of papers and small spring themed animals.  This one would also be great for getting the kids involved.  Let them pick the animals and placement in the box. Supplies needed to make your own spring DIY printer tray: Wood Printer Tray Shadow Box Paint in Early Spring Green Scrapbook Paper Mod Podge Ladybugs Birds {Read More}

DIY Decorative Tape Storage Holder


Washi Tape, how I love thee!  Do you share the same feeling?  If you do, then I’m sure you can relate to having rolls and rolls lying around — in baskets, bowls, etc.  If you know me, you might understand how much I like seeing the alternative use for things.  I recently made a decorative tray from a shadow box and today we’re going to take an unfinished jewelry holder and make use of it as a decorative tape storage {Read More}

Family Craft Idea: Love Tokens & Hug Tins


This was such an easy project, but one that is working out really well for our household. The idea is simple. Give more love and attention. The problem with the life of moms is that love is abundant, but attention is often hard to garner. This simple little craft helps moms and kids tap into each other’s needs for attention and gives kids a way to “act out” instead of misbehaving to get what they need. The first time I {Read More}

Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments


We are so excited to have Tara, from Suburble, guest posting for us today!  Please show Tara some love by visiting her awesome blog and keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Hi friends! My name is Tara, and I blog at a little place on the internet called Suburble. I love to craft, get my hands dirty, and try new things. Today I’m sharing a project that is simple, quick, and has great impact – wood burned Christmas {Read More}

How to Make a Dress Form Craft Tape Holder


Do we have any other washi tape hoarders present?  Yes?  Excellent!  Here’s a pretty way to keep all that washi craft tape on display and within easy reach. You can paint your dress form any color to match your decor, and easily replace the washi tape rolls as you use them up.  Who says tissue paper dolls are only for holding toilet paper? Let’s bring this product into the 21st century! Supplies needed to make your own washi craft tape {Read More}

Deer Decor: Glitter Dipped Silhouette Tutorial


There are times in life when you just need a little glitter.  These deer silhouette wood shapes were just dying for a little sparkle. Paint and dipped glitter completely transformed the unfinished wood figurines into something fabulous! Create multiple deer silhouettes with different shades of glitter, customized for each season, so you can have a little deer decor in your home all year long.  I love a deer silhouette…don’t y’all? Supplies needed to make your own glitter dipped deer decor: {Read More}