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There’s no better way to put your unique touch on your home than through DIY décor. Browse our gallery of crafts for home décor and home decorating ideas to find the perfect project for your home and personal style. Click on any project image for detailed instructions.

20 DIY Christmas Decorations To Make


When it comes to making your home festive for the holidays, nothing is better than DIY Christmas decorations. By making your own holiday decor, you can save money, customize your decorations to your style and brag about your craftiness all season long! We have gathered 20 of our absolute favorite DIY Christmas decorations to share with you this year. If you find a project that you would like to try, simply click on the link above the image, or on the photo {Read More}

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents: Picture Frame


The best homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents are the ones they will cherish forever!  This grandparents picture frame will be perfect! They’ll love having a place to display their adorable grandkids and you’ll love how easily and inexpensively this gift comes together (about 10 bucks!). Picture Frame Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents. I went with a faux chalkboard look (pretty sure my mom didn’t want the mess of real chalk!) but you’re more than welcome to use real chalk or even {Read More}

Multi-Season DIY Twig Wreath


Wreaths are quite a seasonal thing, but holiday-specific wreaths can only get a little bit of use before the next holiday is upon us.  I prefer to have wreaths, particularly in the fall and winter, that can change WITH the seasons and holidays.  Enter the rectangular DIY twig wreath: This is a sweet and simple DIY twig wreath base that can be easily updated with more holiday-specific accents.  The star above works well for fall and into Christmas, but hanging {Read More}

Nontraditional Mercury Glass DIY Menorah {Or Holiday Centerpiece!}


Today’s project is a simple one that packs a big atmospheric punch!  The classic Menorah includes 9 candles on one holder with the middle candle raised.  These can often be quite pricey, but today’s DIY Menorah craft is absolutely affordable and can be adjusted for various faiths.   Supplies needed to make your own nontraditional DIY Menorah: Gold Mercury Glass Votives. Unfinished Wood Candle Base. Evergreen Pine Fragrance Oil. Baker’s Twine (Cappuccino – my favorite pack!!). Silver Paint and Gold Spray Glitter. {Read More}

Sequined Resin DIY Tray


I love adding a little bit of sparkle and shine to my fall decor, and I’ve had an obsession with trinket trays and dishes lately.  I just LOVE the small size, and all the possibilities for embellishing them!  Today I’m going to show you how to use jewelry resin to line a sparkly sequined DIY tray.  This is a really versatile handmade gift idea, or addition to your holiday decor, and can be made in any color scheme with your favorite {Read More}

Decorating Ideas For a Fall Mantel


I love Fall. To me, the shorter days and “sweater-weather” sing to my little homebody heart. I feel like this season means warmth, and slowing down, and fussing over things like candle arrangements and fall mantel decor. And if you’ve been following along on our epic home-renovation journey, you’ll know that we have a brand new mantel to decorate! Our mantel is on the larger side, and our ceilings are vaulted; I knew that we had to aim for some height {Read More}

Make Your Own Monogram DIY Bookends


I’ve mentioned in other posts that I love when an item is both decorative and functional!  My daughter’s room has been transformed from a preschooler’s room to a “big girl” room now that she’s started kindergarten. And she needs a bookend to help keep all her books from falling over.  I used her initial and the colors in her room to make these pretty monogram DIY bookends. Supplies needed to make your own monogram DIY bookends: Paper Mache Letter. Beanbag {Read More}

Geometric Embroidery Turkey Art Tutorial


One of the (many) reasons why I love embroidery is because every stitching project begins with just a few simple things: needle, thread and fabric.  And yet, from those meager supplies an endless number of projects can be made.  And I love that–creating something totally new from the simplest supplies. That is how I feel about this little embroidery turkey art project.  Like many of you, I am in a fall frame of mind and I am busy decorating my home {Read More}

Burlap Ribbon DIY Pumpkin Decor


Since fall is my favorite season, it makes sense that I like a little pumpkin decor. I always get a few mini pumpkins but I decided I wanted something a little bigger this year. I created this rustic DIY pumpkin decor out of burlap. It’s easy and fun! Supplies needed to make your own burlap DIY pumpkin decor: Wired Burlap Ribbon Green Jute Cord Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Scissors Floral Wire (optional) Step 1: Cut 11-12 strips of burlap ribbon at 12-14 {Read More}