Floral Décor Ideas and Projects

Who doesn’t love the look of floral décor? But having fresh bouquets around your house can get expensive and it’s always a bummer when they don’t last. Luckily, we have the floral décor ideas and crafting projects that give you floral looks without breaking the budget. Browse all our ideas for floral decorations below to find your favorite, and don’t forget to click on any image for detailed instructions.

DIY Fall Decor Floral & Burlap Canvas


I love the colors and textures of fall. I can’t have enough fall decor in my life!  Today’s DIY fall decor project is a smaller sized canvas, just 8″ x 8″, but it packs a big decorative punch! I  love the texture of the burlap canvas! It came like that. Yep. Already wrapped in burlap. Easy for me (and you!). Supplies needed to make your own DIY fall decor canvas: Canvas Corp 8×8 Burlap Canvas 3″ Paper Mache Box David {Read More}

Succulent Planter Ideas: Mini Clay Pots Tutorial


I love succulents.  They make a girl with a black thumb really happy.  Today I am sharing some mini clay succulent planter ideas that you can make yourself.  Don’t be intimidated.  Just channel your inner child, pretend this is play-doh, and get started making some small pots.  Your succulents will love them and you will love the look in your home. Supplies needed for these clay succulent planter ideas: Clay Sample Pack (I used two of the bricks from this {Read More}

DIY Hanging Planter


I will confess that I don’t have much a green thumb. Ok, it’s kind of blackish. I tend to kill the living green things. But despite that, I love the way flowers and pretty plants look, especially around the front of the house. I have been loving seeing the return of retro hanging planters, and I thought that a DIY hanging planter would be such a great way to dress up the front porch of our new house! I made up {Read More}

Burlap & Lace Mason Jar Centerpieces


Mason jars have officially replaced every flower vase I own. I love using mason jars to display flowers for parties, dinners we host, and even to decorate small tables around the house. Mason jars have also become very popular for weddings and parties. These burlap and lace mason jar centerpieces with chalkboard stakes double as table numbers for a gorgeous addition to any wedding! Supplies needed to make your own burlap & lace mason jar centerpieces: Quart Size Mason Jars David Tutera Burlap {Read More}

Spring Challenge: DIY Floral Wall Sconce


Can you think of anything more perfectly suited for a Spring Challenge than a floral wall sconce to hang your newly blossoming Spring flowers from? This beautifully simple floral wall sconce is easy to make with just a few supplies and is sure to brighten any room! Supplies needed to make your own floral wall sconce: Wood Pennant Flags White Craft Chicken Wire Netting Wired Sisal Vine E-6000 Glue Clothes Pins Preserved Moss Sheet Step 1. Using the pennant flag as {Read More}

Spring Challenge: Bird Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp


Nothing says “spring” to me like birds.  I love hearing them – finally – here in Michigan!  I haven’t spotted any nests yet, but it won’t be long.  So I thought I’d build one of my own with the supplies for the Spring challenge here at Crafts Unleashed.  Of course, a nest by itself isn’t so special – so I made a piece that was both fun and functional using the new theme supplies!  Using a mason jar, I made {Read More}

Spring Challenge: Chicken Wire Tussy Mussy


Today we are going to be making an over-sized, outdoor, tussy mussy of sorts.  Typically, a tussy mussy is a small, triangular, metal vessel designed to hold flowers.  Sometimes they are used in weddings to hold bouquets or placed on doorknobs in the home.  This chicken wire version is a monster sized reconfiguration of the idea, meant to add an outdoor “vase” for your garden.  These could also be really fabulous at an outdoor wedding to line the aisles! Supplies {Read More}

15 Minute Spring Flower Garland


Ready to celebrate the arrival of spring?! Make a super easy 15 minute spring flower garland to decorate a mantle, wreath, or large picture frame. This project is really so easy you can even get the kids involved! I decided to make a pretty flowery garland for spring. But with the many different Felties sticker designs on ConsumerCrafts.com, you can create a felt garland for any occasion. Stars, ladybugs, hearts, animals and more – this project is so fun and customizable! {Read More}

Plaid Tape DIY Planter Box


Want a little St. Patrick’s Day fun that won’t be thrown away after the holiday?  Join me today as we make a gilded DIY planter box chock full of REAL LIFE clover!  Let’s start with the planter though, shall we? Supplies needed to make your own DIY planter box: Gold Washi Tape Gold Leaf Gold Duck Tape Unfinished Wood Planter Box Decoupage Medium Walnut Stain Plastic Wrap Soil & Clover (green or purple) Start with your gold leafing.  Apply a thin {Read More}