Jewelry Making Ideas and More

Looking for unique jewelry making ideas or tips on how to make jewelry? Look no further. The crafting experts here at Crafts Unleashed offer a wide variety of easy jewelry ideas, inspiration and more. Find your new must-have piece of jewelry below and simply click on the project image for detailed instructions and tips.

DIY Witch Hat: A “Witch-y” Headband


Witches are a staple in Halloween-y costumes. I was a witch last year. I intend on being one this year, too. It’s a costume that can build on things I already have on my wardrobe. Long black skirt? Check. Black shirt? Check. Broom? Got it. Witchy attitude? Pffft…. if need be, I can bring it. But the hat is something you need to complete the outfit! And for just a few bucks and five minutes of your time, you can whip up {Read More}

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Craft Wire, Thread or Cord


Chances are we’ve all been there. You’re all set to create your next beautiful piece of jewelry when you begin and quickly realize you’ve got the wrong kind of craft wire, thread or cord. Choosing the right type of bead stringing wire or thread for your project is essential for ensuring it lasts the test of time, looks great and is easy to craft. Just follow our guide below to ensure you’re choosing the right type of material for your {Read More}

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Adhesive


Sometimes your beautiful jewelry creations require just a little bit of support. Whether it’s a project that needs extensive jewelry adhesive or just a drop to pinch bails, choosing the right jewelry making glue is the key. There’s nothing worse than spending time on a jewelry project only to have the pieces fall off when wearing them. From the must-have all-purpose jewelry glue to the best kind for beads, gems, leather and more, we can help you choose the right jewelry {Read More}

Fall Leaf Polymer Clay Dish For Jewelry


I love the colors of autumn, don’t you?  It’s my favorite time for spending outdoors; the weather is perfect for day hikes.  This has nothing to do with getting crafty, I know – but it certainly inspires new designs and ideas for projects!  I made up this fall-inspired clay dish jewelry holder from polymer clay with a piece of nature imprinted into it, and painted it with a hint of gold.  It’s perfect for holding small pieces, and it looks pretty on {Read More}

Our Top Picks for Jewelry Craft Tools


Having the right jewelry tools is essential to creating unique, well-made pieces. But with the huge amount of jewelry craft tools and supplies, how do you know what is a must-have, what you can wait on and what to splurge on? We’re here to help! Read on for the must-have tools for any jewelry making beginner and what upgrades you can make once you’re more serious about your jewelry crafting. Top Jewelry Craft Tools for Beginners The first purchase every {Read More}

Statement Steampunk Necklace Tutorial


The best thing about making your own jewelry is that you can create a piece that is uniquely you.  Whether you like leather, bling, vintage or simple styling, you can find a way to express your personality through jewelry.  As I’ve shared before, I have a soft spot for all things antique and unique.  The new Vintaj and Steampunk lines at Consumer Crafts made it easy for me to put together this cool statement steampunk necklace, which is really fun {Read More}

Loopdedoo Wrapped Embroidery Floss Bracelets


Are you a huge fan of all the gorgeous wrap bracelets you can find in all the trendy stores? Me too! I’m here to introduce you to the Loopdedoo, a great new tool that helps you make wrapped embroidery floss bracelets, necklaces, headbands, or belts. For this tutorial, I’m going to use the instructions for making a Loopdedoo necklace but instead of around my neck, I will be using it as a wrap bracelet. Let’s get started! Supplies needed to {Read More}

DIY Geometric Spike Earrings


I’ve been in love with these glass spike beads since they were added to Consumer Crafts and I’ve been trying to think of a way to make jewelry with them that doesn’t seem too edgy or punk, since that’s not my style. I think I finally came up with the perfect solution! These spike earrings are very ‘me’ – a mix of bohemian, geometric shape, metals with a splash of color and of course, the glass spikes. It’s eclectic and {Read More}

Knock Off Chevron Ladder Anthropologie Necklace


I recently found a cute chevron ladder Anthropologie necklace (Anthro is one of my absolute favorite clothing and accessory stores)!  It is a beautiful necklace, but at $58…it was a bit over my necklace budget.  Especially for a trendy piece of jewelry that I know will only be in style for a couple of years.  So I decided to DIY my own version of this Anthropologie necklace and came up with a really fun and similar version for less then $11 (and {Read More}