Craft Organization Ideas to Keep You Out of Trouble

craft organization ideas

Crafting can sometimes be a slippery slope. One day it’s a small hobby you’re doing in your spare time and your supplies are neatly organized in a small corner or your office. Next thing you know, crafting supplies have taken over your house and you can find them all over the place. (Photo courtesy of our blogger, Shaunte. Check out her craft room.) Craft organization ideas can make spur of the moment projects easier, help you save money from buying duplicates {Read More}

Doing Locker Decoration Ideas the Right Way

Locker decoration ideas

What do your children’s lockers say about them? Anything you want! Whether your child is sporty or a full-out fashionista, we’ve got the locker crafts you need. Make a space that is personalized, fun and the envy of every classmate. Locker decorating ideas continue to grow in popularity among tweens and teens. Not only do they allow your children to show off their personality, but they also give them a chance to make their locker a little more functional. It doesn’t have to {Read More}

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Photo Storage and Sorting


  Taking photos is the easy part. It’s keeping them organized that’s the real challenge. What are some of the biggest problems we face as scrapbookers with photo storage and sorting? Just to name a few: Printing pictures to scrapbook and then not having time to scrap them… Printing photos out of order… Remembering the dates photos were taken… Forgetting how you organized your photo storage in the first place… Figuring out where to put extra photos after making a {Read More}

DIY Dinosaur Storage Jars for Kids


Happy Saturday, friends!  A lot of us who are crafty have mad crushes on mason jars.  How about you?  Do you love them?  Whether it’s for crafting or using them in our home decor — they’re functional and fabulous!  Today’s post is all about the jars, except it’s geared towards the kiddos.  Why not give them a love and appreciation for mason jars too?  Start their ‘jar crushing’ at a young age. {hee-hee} I’m sharing a fun and super easy {Read More}

DIY Storage Mason Jar Accessories


My guest bathroom is constantly evolving. I paint and change the theme more often than any other room in my house. I usually try to keep my decor neutral so that it will match any of my new paint colors. Neutral accessories saves me from buying new decor each time I change it up. I recently tried the new Silhouette printable cotton canvas and it’s perfect for using as labels to create fun mason jar accessories. I created labels with {Read More}

DIY Decorative Tape Storage Holder


Washi Tape, how I love thee!  Do you share the same feeling?  If you do, then I’m sure you can relate to having rolls and rolls lying around — in baskets, bowls, etc.  If you know me, you might understand how much I like seeing the alternative use for things.  I recently made a decorative tray from a shadow box and today we’re going to take an unfinished jewelry holder and make use of it as a decorative tape storage {Read More}

Mason Jar Craft Caddy in 3 Easy Steps


Are you kicking off the new year with some cleaning and organizing?  You can make this great mason jar craft supply organizer in just a few minutes and 3 easy steps.  With this fun and simple DIY craft caddy, you can store any type of supplies and change it up regularly with reusable chalkboard labels. My craft space is already looking better! Supplies needed to make your own mason jar craft caddy: Quart Sized Mason Jars (3 per organizer) 12 {Read More}

Craft Room Tour: Kelly’s Shabby Chic Creative Space


Who wants to take a peek into the room where my creative juices come to life?  It’s not a big room per say, but it’s ‘purdy.’ Let’s take a craft room tour and look at my shabby chic inspired work room — where all of the crafty fairies come out to play {smile}. My husband likes to remind me that my craft room was not designed for functionality, and… he’s right! Needless to say, the room might have a few {Read More}

Easy Chalkboard Birthday Calendar {With Free Printable!}


Looking to organize your life a bit more this New Year? Make an easy reusable chalkboard birthday calendar to help keep track of loved one’s birthdays! Chalkboard art can be kind of intimidating sometimes. But don’t worry, this tutorial will show a you a super quick and easy way to recreate the beauty of chalk without the hassle! Supplies needed to make your own chalkboard birthday calendar:  7″x10″ Chalkboard White Paint Marker White Graphite Paper Fine Sandpaper Ribbon (optional) Craft {Read More}