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Halloween Crafts: 3D Pumpkin and Cheese Cloth Ghosts


I am a sucker for cute Halloween crafts – especially ghosts! Speaking of “suckers” that is exactly what you will need to make these cute little Halloween crafts spooks! I will show you how a simple Dum-Dum lollipop can transform some cheese cloth into these adorable ghosts. As a bonus, you will learn how to create the 3D pumpkin from some cardstock scraps. Let’s get busy! Supplies needed to make your own Halloween crafts: Cheese Cloth Fabric Stiffener Core’dinations Tim Holtz {Read More}

Jumbo Clothespin DIY Mail Sorter


There is nothing that my little ones like to do more than “check the mail.” They watch for the mailman- and usually fight over who gets to go out and grab the mail, and bring it into the house. I am not sure why this is such a fun event for them- considering most of what we get on a daily basis is boring- bills, bank statements and junky business flyers. A lot of times the mail gets gathered by {Read More}

Scrapbooking Supplies: Save vs. Splurge


There’s nothing better than taking your precious photos and other items and creating beautiful memory albums and scrapbooks from them. It ensures you’ll always be able to look back at those memories and smile. But we all know that scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby. It doesn’t have to be, though, and we’re here to help with our thoughts on where to save and where to splurge with scrapbooking supplies. Four Scrapbooking Supplies to Splurge On 1: Paper. Scrapbooking Paper, specifically {Read More}

Laminated Recipe Card and Free Printable


Baking is messy.  It’s just a hazard of the craft, right?  I really enjoy baking, though, and I have a little trick to share with you today to keep your favorite recipes close-at-hand, protected from spills, and looking great for a long time to come!  About 15 years ago, I had the idea to laminate one big card with my favorite and most-used family recipes.  That way, I didn’t have to haul out the whole recipe book for the ones {Read More}

SMASHbook 2nd Edition: The Un-Diary


After my grandma passed away, I was surprised that it was the little things she left behind that were treasured.  I found one of her grocery lists stuffed away in her kitchen cupboard. In her characteristic swoopy backhand she had written: Soap, eggs, Peanut Butter (the good kind), that salad dressing, dates… It left me wondering- what did she mean by “the good kind” of peanut butter? What was “that” salad dressing? I knew what the dates were for! Her {Read More}

Crafting in a Pinch: Quick and Easy Scrapbooking Ideas

Easy scrapbooking ideas

We all know that a scrapbook can be a great gift or keepsake, but it may not be the first idea to pop in your head. You may even come up with scrapbooking ideas only to realize you don’t have the time. Or maybe you just need to clear that pile of photos off your crafting table quickly before company comes over this weekend. No matter what the situation is, we’ve got some great tips on easy scrapbooking ideas in {Read More}

Make a Stacked DIY School Supplies Caddy


I will have three kids in school this year.  That means homework time in our house could get chaotic.  One way to cut down on the confusion is to have homework supplies organized and at the ready.  No searching for pencils, colors, or sharpeners!  Keep everything within easy reach with this cute DIY school supplies storage caddy. Supplies needed to make your own DIY school supplies caddy: Paper Mache Round Box Set Paper Mod Podge Acrylic Craft Paint (I used {Read More}

Scrapbooking 101: Scrapbooking Supplies for Starters


When you’re a beginner with scrapbooking, the hardest part can be choosing the right products to purchase. They are all helpful in their own way and let’s not even get started on the beautiful cardstock and embellishments — you could spend days browsing them all to find the perfect design, pattern or color. We’ve got you covered on the must-have scrapbooking tools and supplies to buy so you can spend more time crafting and less time browsing supplies. What to {Read More}

Spectrum Noir Tutorial: DIY Mini Cards


I like to color. I admit it. When my kids used to break out the coloring books, I made sure they invited me! When Spectrum Noir came out with a colored pencil line- that works in conjunction with their alcohol ink markers that I already had- I was one happy camper! Coloring for adults! Not that I feel like I need the excuse, but it looks much more professional than Crayola. I wanted to give them a whirl on a {Read More}