National Scrapbooking Month: Cool Scrapbooking Tools to Try


National Scrabpooking Month is coming to a close, but to make sure the spirit of scrapbooking lasts all summer long, we’ve got our final round-up! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the stand-out scrapbooking tools we’ve been posting about all month long. Plus, we’ve even added a bonus tool for you to try out this summer. Some are new, some are staples and some are just plain fun! See what you think… The Brother™ ScanNCut is the artist’s way to {Read More}

Weekly Round-Up: Pinterest Boards for Scrapbooking Ideas

scrapbooking ideas

Pinterest is your source for recipes, craft ideas and planning your imaginary wedding. But, it can also be your source for inspired scrapbooking ideas. From page layouts to interactive classes and new products, you can find everything you’ll ever need to get scrapping! While you can always follow ConsumerCrafts on Pinterest for great ideas, we’ve got some other suggestions that will help you make even cuter scrapbook layouts and pages than you already do. Pinboard: You source for scrapbooking, {Read More}

Why Color Palettes are the Secret Ingredient to Your Scrapbook Pages


You’ve seen some amazing scrapbook pages. The glitter, embellishments, handwritten journaling…it’s awe-inspiring. But, what you might not realize is what really makes the page amazing. It might not be all the bling and scrapbook embellishments. So, what is the secret ingredient? If you missed the title of this post, let us tell you. It’s your color palette! Choosing the right color scheme for your scrapbook page is essential. Why is the Color Palette Crucial to Your Scrapbook Pages? There are {Read More}

Weekly Round-Up: Free Scrapbook Layouts and Templates


Are your scrapbook layouts getting stale? It happens to even the best scrapbookers. Luckily, inspiration is everywhere you turn. You can pull from other scrapbookers, search the Internet or pick up a magazine. Sometimes, all you really need is to find the perfect piece of scrapbook paper, embellishment or color palette. Once you have that, sometimes everything else just falls into place. When you’re struggling to create a layout that fits your favorite photo or all six of your favorite {Read More}

10 Quick Tips About Choosing a Focal Point for Your Scrapbook Pages


  Let’s be honest, with all the photos, embellishments, cardstock and other scrapbooking supplies, it can be really hard to pinpoint a focal point on your scrapbook pages. The first step to making an eye-catching focal point is to ask the right questions. What is the story you want to tell? What do you want people to focus on most when looking at your scrapbook pages? What other supplies can you use to enhance your story? The Secret Sauce… Before {Read More}

Weekly Round-Up: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Scrapbook Quotes


When it comes to scrapbooking, sometimes the hardest part is coming up with the right thing to say. We’ve got you covered with our weekly round-up of the best resources for scrapbook quotes. Bookmark this post and use it as your cheat sheet when you can’t think of the right words for your scrapbook pages. Broken out by category, this is the ultimate resource for scrapbook ideas, card-making quotes and more. One of our favorites: “Masquerading as a normal {Read More}

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Photo Storage and Sorting


  Taking photos is the easy part. It’s keeping them organized that’s the real challenge. What are some of the biggest problems we face as scrapbookers with photo storage and sorting? Just to name a few: Printing pictures to scrapbook and then not having time to scrap them… Printing photos out of order… Remembering the dates photos were taken… Forgetting how you organized your photo storage in the first place… Figuring out where to put extra photos after making a {Read More}

Weekly Round-Up: What Mom Never Told You About Digital Scrapbooking


You may or may not be familiar with digital scrapbooking. Many traditional scrapbookers, like your mom, might consider digital scrapbooking cheating. It’s not. Your mom has probably given you a lot of wisdom over the years. What your mom never told you about digital scrapbooking is that it can be just as personalized as a traditional scrapbook page! You can even combine mediums to make digital scrapbook pages that incorporate real photos, keepsakes and scrapbooking embellishments. Digital scrapbooking is a way {Read More}

Eight Common Misconceptions About Scrapbook Layouts


If you have friends that scrapbook, the thought of getting started with this craft can be intimidating. All the scrapbooking supplies and creativity that’s involved, it’s overwhelming. But life is all about trying new things, so why not give it your best shot? We’ll teach you how to overcome the misconceptions so you feel confident enough to start your first scrapbook layout. “A great scrapbook layout costs a ton of money” If you look past the sparkles, bows, ribbon, buttons {Read More}