Beach in a Jar: DIY Coconut Oil Moisturizer


Today we will be making what I affectionately refer to as “Beach in a Jar”. This creamy coconut oil moisturizer has the smell of the beach without being an overwhelmingly coconut scent and it goes on like buttah. This coconut oil moisturizer is NOT a typical lotion that you might put on your hands. Rather, it is a thick oil that is perfect for your skin after a long bath, or perhaps even while AT the beach.  I love to take a {Read More}

Spring Craft Challenge: Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY


It’s getting close to patio time: sitting outside with friends, having cold drinks by candlelight and laughing about the events of the day. And what better to help illuminate that happy chatter than a rustic outdoor chandelier, made of natural elements and lit by citronella candles? This month, a few of us Crafts Unleashed gals were challenged to use the same rustic-influenced crafting materials to make a project. I had been doing some surfing around on the internet when I {Read More}

Spring Challenge: Chicken Wire Tussy Mussy


Today we are going to be making an over-sized, outdoor, tussy mussy of sorts.  Typically, a tussy mussy is a small, triangular, metal vessel designed to hold flowers.  Sometimes they are used in weddings to hold bouquets or placed on doorknobs in the home.  This chicken wire version is a monster sized reconfiguration of the idea, meant to add an outdoor “vase” for your garden.  These could also be really fabulous at an outdoor wedding to line the aisles! Supplies {Read More}

Make Your Own Vacation Inspired Beach in a Box


Have you ever felt the need for sun and sand between your toes when it is snowing outside? I certainly have. I always wish I could somehow bottle up some summer sun- like I do my summer tomatoes. Here is the next best thing! Preserving a little bit of vacation- and maybe (maybe!) if I put it right next to the heater vent in the winter, I can take myself back to the beach with this beach in a box. Supplies needed {Read More}

Summer Craft for Kids: 2 Ways to Make Suncatchers

Suncatcher-coloring-Crafts Unleashed

There are two ways to make a suncatcher – you can melt beads into a frame or you can simply add color with a translucent paint. The kids love to see their creations turned into pretty window art and it’s fun to watch the transformation. Today, I’ll show you how we made both kinds. The packages come with step by step instructions, but I’ll show you how we made ours. Supplies needed to make your own suncatchers: For the melted {Read More}

Summertime Hostess Gift Idea: DIY S’mores Kit

Hostess gift - smores kit - crafts unleashed

In my book s’mores are the number one summertime dessert! There’s something so fun about roasting marshmallows in the backyard with the kids. I hope you enjoy s’mores as much as I do, because I have an easy DIY s’mores kit in a pail to share with you today! This s’mores kit makes the perfect hostess gift for those fun summertime parties! Supplies needed to make your own s’mores hostess gift: Keepsake Tote Canvas Corp Burlap Flower Foam Adhesive Squares {Read More}

Patriotic Sequin DIY Bottle Cap Necklace

Sequin Bottle Cap Necklace

Bottle cap necklaces are easy to make and customize for any theme, holiday, favorite team, or color choice. This sequin DIY bottle cap necklace has a patriotic theme that’s perfect for the fourth of July! My daughter and I enjoy making bottle cap necklaces together. They’re so quick and easy that we often make them for her cousins and friends on special occasions. With the fourth of July coming up, I thought it would be fun to make a patriotic {Read More}

DIY Patriotic Party Food Picks

Patriotic Party Food Picks

Growing up, my mother would create party decor for every holiday. To this day, she still hosts our holiday meals with beautiful themed decor. Now that I have my own children, I like to recreate the same memories with them. Whether it’s a full party spread or a few fun crafts, holidays are always a little creative around here. We have big plans for a big family backyard party on the 4th of July and I’m getting an early start {Read More}

4th of July Crafts: Patriotic Uncle Sam Centerpiece

4th of July Crafts Centerpiece 2- Crafts Unleashed

Every summer, in July, we host a barbecue with family and friends. I am always on the look-out for patriotic decor that is unique. I needed a centerpiece, and couldn’t find anything other than flags (been there, done that!). So I made my own 4th of July crafts! I was able to customize it how I wanted, and it was inexpensive. Double bonus! My husband thought that I bought it. (Go me!) It looks complicated- but it was really simple! Here {Read More}