Winter Craft Ideas and Projects

Cold, inclement weather keeping you stuck indoors? There’s no better way to spend your time than with winter crafts. We have the winter craft ideas and winter crafts for kids that keeps everyone entertained and flexing those creative muscles. Browse all our winter craft ideas below and click on any project image for detailed instructions.

Multi-Season DIY Twig Wreath


Wreaths are quite a seasonal thing, but holiday-specific wreaths can only get a little bit of use before the next holiday is upon us.  I prefer to have wreaths, particularly in the fall and winter, that can change WITH the seasons and holidays.  Enter the rectangular DIY twig wreath: This is a sweet and simple DIY twig wreath base that can be easily updated with more holiday-specific accents.  The star above works well for fall and into Christmas, but hanging {Read More}

Homemade Gifts for Kids: Sock Puppet in a Jar


Do you have any kids on your gift giving list this holiday season?  Show them how much you care by giving them this build a sock puppet gift in a jar.  These are super inexpensive homemade gifts for kids that will entertain them as well as give them three fun sock puppets to play with later. Supplies needed to make sock puppet homemade gifts for kids: Sock Puppet Kit Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jar Kraft Paper Tags Ribbon The sock puppet kit {Read More}

10 Quick and Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas Ornament Crafts

It’s that time of year…when you’re feeling constantly inspired by all of the beautiful things around you, but you’re too busy to make them. There’s still plenty of time for you to start crafting a handmade holiday  with DIY decorations and handmade Christmas ornament crafts for everyone on your list. And since we know it’s the busiest time of the year, we’ve created a holiday infographic with 10 easy gift ideas with clear glass ornaments. Each one takes just minutes! Ready to get {Read More}

DIY Christmas Decor: Jingle Bell Christmas Tree


Nothing says “Christmas” quite as much as jingle bells! Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own DIY Christmas decor jingle bell tree that would be perfect for a mantle or tablescape. It only requires three basic supplies and plenty of patience! Supplies needed to make your own jingle bell tree DIY Christmas decor: Jingle Bells – Matte Silver/Gold (13 packs) Durafoam Cone –  9.85 inches Silver Fern Greening Pins (2 packs) Step One. Open and separate all the jingle bells {Read More}

An Easy DIY Advent Wreath


When it comes to Christmas, I love to draw it out. Extend all of that holly jolliness, I say! And this is why I love Advent calendars. It’s a whole month of Christmas anticipation! The Advent calendar I designed this month is slightly unorthodox. Not only does it NOT contain candy (I know – say wha….!?!?), but it is also a wreath – a DIY Advent wreath. Yep. Breakin’ all the rules. Instead of candy with this DIY Advent wreath, these {Read More}

Salted Caramel Chocolate Spoon Recipe


This year I am looking for a few fun and SIMPLE ideas to give to friends and neighbors for holiday gifts.  Oh and they also need to be inexpensive without feeling “cheap.”  I love hot cocoa so this year I came up with this really tasty and delicious salted caramel chocolate spoon recipe!  These make a perfect gift on their own, or you can pair it with hot cocoa mix for an even tastier gift.  Either way, you can’t go {Read More}

Snowman Crafts for Kids: Bookmarks & Ornaments


I usually get roped into coming up with a craft for the Christmas party at the Elementary school. People think I am “crafty.” I am not sure where they get that.   And right during the holiday season? Because I don’t have a million other things on my plate… These snowman crafts are perfect for a classroom project! It is really easy for kids of any age, and the materials come in bulk, and are inexpensive. I made two alternatives {Read More}

Nontraditional Mercury Glass DIY Menorah {Or Holiday Centerpiece!}


Today’s project is a simple one that packs a big atmospheric punch!  The classic Menorah includes 9 candles on one holder with the middle candle raised.  These can often be quite pricey, but today’s DIY Menorah craft is absolutely affordable and can be adjusted for various faiths.   Supplies needed to make your own nontraditional DIY Menorah: Gold Mercury Glass Votives. Unfinished Wood Candle Base. Evergreen Pine Fragrance Oil. Baker’s Twine (Cappuccino – my favorite pack!!). Silver Paint and Gold Spray Glitter. {Read More}

Cross Stitch Alphabet for Personalized Christmas Ornaments


I might not have gotten everything on my bucket list done this year–but I did do one thing.  I had a baby (#3 in 3 years), and if that isn’t an accomplishment, ladies and gentleman, than I don’t know what is! Are you like me–is your absolute favorite place to mark accomplishments and milestone the Christmas tree?  Every year I love to create beautiful ornaments for our tree that will help me remember what we did/accomplished/lived through that year.  And {Read More}