Etsy Shop Spotlight – Petals to Picots + A Giveaway!

It’s time to shine the spotlight on another creative and talented Etsy shop owner!

This month, our spotlight shop owner is Kara Gunza from Petals to Picots! Her Etsy page features original crochet patterns for all kinds of items! Kara prides her designs on being unique, easy to understand, and accurate. You can see all of the items Kara has for sale HERE.

Original Crochet Patterns from Petals to Picots by petalstopicots

A few of our favorite items from the shop:

Here’s more about Kara and her Etsy shop owner experiences:

  • How long have you been selling on Etsy?

I have been selling on Etsy since 2011.

  • What made you decide to sell on Etsy?

Etsy is simply the best venue for handmade and crafty items. It’s the first place I always went to shop so I knew it was where I wanted to sell too.

  • How do you choose what to make and sell in your shop?

My passion is crochet, and designing crochet patterns in particular. My choice of designs is mostly inspired by my everyday life and what I am wishing for at the moment … for example, a pair of cozy slippers I can wear around the house, or a fun and fashionable scarf, or a cute bath towel for my son. These are all things I made because I wanted them for myself. I figured if I’m loving them then maybe my customers would love too!

  • How long does the average item in your shop take to make?

The actual designing and pattern writing can take days or weeks depending on how difficult the item or stitch pattern is or whether I need to take multiple sizing options into consideration.

  • Why do you think Etsy is such a great place to buy?

I think Etsy is such a great place to sell because Etsy customers are great. In my experience, Etsy customers really value quality handmade items and have an appreciation for the time and talent that goes into the items.

  • What is your most favorite item that you’ve ever sold or listed?

My favorite item is definitely my mobius scarf pattern ( because I wear it all the time … I have one version that I worked up in a cozy yarn that I throw on as a regular outerwear scarf, but I also worked one up in a lighter weight yarn and wear it as a cute accessory to jazz up an everyday outfit. It’s just so versatile and cute!

  • Have you had any crazy requests for items?

Crazy … hmmm … no, not really. I’ve had some custom requests from customers but none that were too crazy.

  • What advice would you offer to someone wants to get started on ETSY?

Do it! Stop planning, stop ‘what if’-ing, and follow your passion. You may be surprised with where it will lead.

  • What is the most important lesson you have learned when selling on ETSY?

I have learned so many valuable lessons through Etsy … I’ve learned about marketing, SEO, keeping my finances organized, photography tips, customer service, networking, and so much more. It has really been a complete education in business in general for me and I still have so much to learn.

  • Do you sell at Craft Fairs/Bazaar’s too?  If yes, what would be the main difference between the customers you get there and the ones you get on ETSY?

No, I haven’t tried selling at craft fairs yet … that may be something to consider in the future though.

etsy cover image-kara

Etsy is pretty awesome, right?! Well, one lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to Etsy! To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite item in Kara’s shop is, and use the Rafflecopter widget below for extra entries!

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  1. barbara macaskill says:

    I am stalking your blog hoping to see my name as the lucky $50 Etsy credit winner but have not seen an announcement yet. Did I miss it?? Please let us know who the lucky winner is. Thank you! :-)

  2. I like Chevron Ripple Scarf .

  3. Mallory H. says:

    I like the gracie hat pattern!

  4. My favorite item is the baby clutch ball.

  5. I love the Crochet Pattern – Newborn Soccer Hat and Diaper Cover…and the shoes!

  6. I love the Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern! I’ve been thinking of making one out of fleece, and now winter is almost over. This is so dog-gone cute, I’d wear it in summer! So I went through this winter wrapping my scarf around my head, no cute ear warmer!

  7. Such cute things on Kara’s Etsy shop. I love the ladies crochet slippers

  8. I like the Mobius Infinity Cowl.

  9. Mary Pearce says:

    The baby clutch ball is my favorite.

  10. Mary Pearce says:

    I love the patterns from Petals to Picots — always well-written and understandable.

  11. Love the Pretty Cowl!

  12. It’s hard to pick a favorite! I recently favorited the Petals to Picots shop from the Ripple Baby Blanket I recently saw related to a charity involving making blankets and hats for babies. I went straight to her shop and favorited the item! I haven’t yet been brave enough to attempt ripples yet, but definitely eyeballing this pattern as a first.

  13. Megan Sandford says:

    My favorite would have to be the bowling ball&pins set ^_^ it’s so cute&I know some little 1s who would love it too ^_^!!

  14. Donna O'Neil says:

    I love the owl pattern.

  15. i LOVE the chevron scarf!!!

  16. I love the infinity scarf! I’ve made a few as gifts and everyone has loved them!

  17. I love the Gentle Ripple Blanket & Hat — the hat is so unique!

  18. I love so many but I’ve had my eye on the slippers lately.

  19. Someday I will have time to make myself a pair of the Ladies Crocheted Slippers. :)

  20. Favorite?? How can I choose just one! The lace shawl with beaded edging probably caught my eye first, though, such a delicate, feminine pattern and I love the color.

  21. Love the Chevron Ripple Scarf pattern!

  22. It’s not my normal thing, but that chevron scarf is pretty! And I’m always a sucker for owls!! Love it!

  23. I love the crocheted baby rattle!

  24. I love the Mobius infinity scarf – beautiful!!

  25. The Mobius infinity scarf is my favorite! Beautiful!

  26. It’s so hard to choose! But I think my favorite is the panda hooded baby towel.

  27. Danielle Justice says:

    So hard to pick just one, they are all so great!! I love the mobius infinity Scarf & The ladies crochet slippers. Just beautiful work!

  28. I love the hooded towels! Everything is so lovely.

  29. The pretty cowl! I love scarves and that one is unique.

  30. love the mod hats and scarfs!

  31. Kerry Gill says:

    The chevron scarf is my fave.

  32. Kim McLaurine says:

    I absolutely adore the Owl crochet pattern! I am all about Owls and Pandas so anything to do with either…I am all over it!

  33. I am a HUGE Petals to Picots fan!! Picking my favorite was too hard so I let my 2 year old take a peak – toy bowling set it is! 😉 Thanks for the chance!!!

  34. Kris Debus says:

    Love this Etsy shop…

  35. I love the bowling set! My nephews would really enjoy it!

  36. I love her newborn cocoon!

  37. Toy Bowling Set – so cute

  38. Stephanie F says:

    I really like the mod scarf and the ladies booties! What a great shop and fun patterns!

  39. Love the soccer ball pattern

  40. Kelly Hofmann says:

    I can’t choose between the chevron scarf and the mobias wrap. Both are so cute!

  41. Kate Bierschenk says:

    Love the owl pattern!

  42. The chevron ripple scarf

  43. Gail Carroll says:

    The modius scarf is truly a dream. To name a single favorite pattern is hard, no it’s impossible. It was a pleasure reading about Kara!!

  44. Heather Sprude says:

    I love the dolls and the animal hooded blankets

  45. I love the newborn Ballerina set. I haven’t made it yet, but have it saved in my wish list. :)

  46. I love the baby clutch ball! My son loves rolling it!

  47. I just love the baby clutch ball!! Also, the classic slippers are nice :)

  48. Sonya Neal says:

    I am LOVING the Crochet Pattern – Mobius Infinity Scarf / Wrap Pattern (includes instructions to customize fit) CUTE!! :)

  49. Chelsea Wong says:

    I love the Baby Clutch Ball pattern! Thanks for the chance :-)

  50. Oh, I adore the sweet dolls!

  51. I like the crochet pattern mobius infinity scarf

  52. Such a cute shop! I love the Crochet Pattern – Lion Applique (for Hooded Baby Towel). Adorable and such a versatile design!

  53. Susan Samuel says:

    I love the crocheted socks and all the animals especially the owl.

  54. I love the ruffle scarf.

  55. I like the Baby Clutch Ball Toy pattern.

  56. I would love to learn to make socks so my favorite pattern is Ladies Socks Pattern

  57. I have to say, I’ve been cruching on her brimmed hat pattern ever since I first laid eyes on it! 😉

  58. Hello. It is difficult to pick out just one favorite crochet pattern!!! I would have to pick the owl amiurigami (sp). I love all of your animal patterns. I really like all of your patterns, great color schematics!!!
    Sincerely, Juanell

  59. I like Textured Keyhole Scarf with Spiral Flower

  60. I love the pattern for the kids bowling pins and ball.

  61. I love the Dog Hooded Towel pattern.

  62. Robin Buchholz says:

    I love the headband with layered flowers.

  63. I like the Gracie Hat with the flower pattern. So cute!

  64. I really like the Accent Flower Package for crochet. I’m not much of a crochet-er, but I think I could handle these and add them to my projects…they’d look great!

  65. My favourite item is the crochet slippers!

  66. I love the yarnetopia shirt!

  67. I love the pretty purple cowl pattern!

  68. Lori A. Geise says:

    I love the blue/grey scarf.

  69. Sandi Redmann says:

    How fun I love the owl

  70. barbara macaskill says:

    My favorite item in Kara’s shop is the baby clutch ball pattern!! So adorable!!! Would love to be able to go shopping on Etsy for some goodies!! Thank you for the chance to!

  71. I love the crochet pattern ladies crochet slippers pattern!

  72. crochet sock pattern…. its hard to find good crochet socks!

  73. I love all of Kara’s designs. I think my two favorite are the chevron scarf and the ladies slippers!

  74. Love everything here- ecpecially the crochet stuff

  75. Jennifer Essad says:

    the Kids Toy Bowling Set – my family would love this set

  76. She has some cute kids patterns. I liked the animal hoodies: the penguin, lion and dog.

  77. Amanda Bowles says:

    I love all the hooded towel/blankets! What cute patterns.

  78. WOW, so many attractive items! I love the infinity scarf and the slippers best. I need to find someone to crochet since I can’t do it for anything…

  79. I love the little owl – I so wish one day to have this talent. Starting on the beginner tool right now and praying that I can grow!! Great blog post and I’ve “liked” your pages!!

  80. My favorite Item is that crocheted owl. Its a pattern download and I cant crochet to save my life, but I like the finished product.

  81. I love the Infinity Scarf pattern!

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