How To Arm Knit: The Needle-free Knitting Trend!

Do you love the look of knitted pieces but just don’t have the time or patience to learn how? Learn how to arm knit! It’ s a knitting technique that’s fast, easy to learn, and requires NO needles. Most arm knitting projects can be made quickly since you cast on the stitches using your arms. What’s amazing about this technique is that you can create your own scarf in as little as 30 minutes. This trend is increasing in popularity among younger DIY enthusiasts, but we love it because its a simple craft that’s doable for anyone.

arm-knitting-feature(Photo courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn)

Here’s a few of our favorite arm knitted projects from around the web! Click the images below to see the complete tutorial.

Check out this video tutorial from Lion Brand Yarn to learn how to arm knit!

Hooked yet? Ready to make your own arm knitted masterpiece?  Click here to shop our yarn.


  1. Cheyenne says

    I don’t find this helpful, I can’t follow what she is doing and it looks like she is doing something but not explaining it. I don’t know how she is add the stiches. I would like to view the hands more so I can see what she is doing. Video keeps bouncing from her to her hands when it seems to get to the important part.

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