Burlap Covered DIY Cork Board

Do you love burlap as much as I do? It is one of my absolute favorite things to use to decorate my home… it matches everything!  Today, I am going to show you how to make a burlap covered DIY cork board that has pockets to help keep you organized and stylish at the same time.  Let’s get started!

Burlap Covered DIY Cork BoardSupplies needed to make your own burlap covered DIY cork board:

burlap bulletin board suppliesGather all of your supplies and get ready to have some fun!

Step One: First, iron your burlap well.  After it is well ironed, lay your burlap down and either staple or hot glue the fabric to the top of the cork board.  (I chose to use a staple gun,  because it is super quick.)  Next, staple or glue the fabric to the bottom of the cork board.  You are going to use the edges of the burlap to do this, so expect to have excess fabric hanging off the board!

burlap bulletin board top edgesStep Two:  Now it is time to make some pockets! On a flat surface, lay the cork board on its back side.  To make pockets, simply fold the burlap like an accordion and iron it down flat.  I chose to make a deep pocket at the bottom and then a slightly more shallow pocket above it.

burlap bulletin board with pocketsStep Three: Now, lay the cork board on its top side and staple or hot glue the sides down to the back side.  At this point, trim away any excess fabric.  You are technically finished, but I think this needed a little jazzing up!

burlap bulletin board with pocketsStep Four: I decided to use some basic black acrylic paint and these beautiful floral stencils to add a decorative touch to the cork board.  Simply lay your stencil down and apply the paint with a stencil dabber.

stencilled cork boardLet it dry and your burlap covered DIY cork board is complete!

cork boardHope you have fun getting organized with this pretty burlap cork board!



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