Cork Covered “EAT” Sign

I love the EAT signs that I see in model homes and magazine catalogs.  I’ve seen them done with letters purchased from Anthropologie, but this project seems easy enough to do at a fraction of the cost of Anthropologie letters.  I wanted to make my letters more functional so I decided to wrap them with cork, so it could be used as a cork board and as wall art.



Unroll the cork and lay it flat.  The cork will be curled so you can put some heavy books on top of it and leave it for a day or two, or use an iron on the cotton setting and iron flat.

Lay out the eat letters into the most efficent use of space.  I did not want to waste any cork so this pattern seems like the best use of space.Trace around each letter leaving 1/8 of an inch gap.  This is so when you cover the side of the letters it will not show.Cut out the sides of the letters (widthwise you will not need to leave 1/8 of an inch, but lengthwise you will.  If the cut out pieces are still a bit curled, iron again.Apply Mod Podge over the front surface of letter, spread evenly.Glue letter onto cork and let dry.Glue the edge pieces onto cork and trim off any excess with scissors.  You want your corners to look neat, without any excess or gaps.Wait one hour to two and let dry on a flat surface.  Stand letters up or mount them by hot gluing on hardware mounts to the back.And there you have it – a fun, trendy AND functional piece of wall art!

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Rena Tang (aka the cheese thief) is a wife, mother, programmer and lover of all things creative. She especially loves to make unique, cute, simple and inexpensive things from everyday items. You can check out her ideas and tutorials at


  1. Where do you buy the letters from?

  2. oh..these are adorable and functional!! perfecto!!! :)

  3. I love these corl covered letters!
    Supe idea!


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