Faux Stain Glass DIY Mason Jar Luminary

This faux stain glass DIY mason jar luminary is a colorful craft that even the kids can enjoy.  I have lots of mason jars at home and love using them for decoration.  Today, I will show you how to make colorful DIY mason jar luminaries using a few basic materials.

DIY-mason-jar-luminary-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own DIY mason jar stain glass luminary:

tissue-paper-mason-jar-mPrint out the quatrefoil pattern.  Pick the colors of tissue paper you would like to use.  I chose two colors, but you can choose more or just one color.

tissue-paper-mason-jar-0Cut the tissue paper to 6 inches wide (you can leave it as long as you want).  Layer all the colors of the tissue paper together.  Fold (width wise) into 1.5 inch strips (a little greater than the width of one row of quatrefoil).  Cut the quatrefoil pattern into rows, as shown below.  Tape the pattern onto the strip and cut out the shapes, cutting on the inside black line.  You will need about 50 little shapes.

tissue-paper-mason-jar-1Using spray adhesive or glue, stick the tissue paper onto the mason jar.  If you use spray adhesive, spray the jar and then stick the tissue paper.  If you are using a glue stick, apply the glue to the paper then stick them to the jar.  Keep in mind that with spray adhesive, any area that is not covered with tissue paper will remain tacky.

tissue-paper-mason-jar-2Start your pattern and work around.  I spaced mine a little too close in the front, so when I got to the back, there were larger gaps.  Go around the circumference and space out your paper evenly so there are no large gaps.

tissue-paper-mason-jar-3Lightly brush Mod Podge over the tissue papered DIY mason jar.

tissue-paper-mason-jar-4Insert LED candle and viola, a custom DIY mason jar luminary for any occasion!


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Rena Tang (aka the cheese thief) is a wife, mother, programmer and lover of all things creative. She especially loves to make unique, cute, simple and inexpensive things from everyday items. You can check out her ideas and tutorials at thecheesethief.com.


  1. grammy roo says

    For some reason can not download the Quatrefoil pattern ???? or print it either????? What am I doing wrong???

  2. MandaEss says

    Wow. That’s some serious & delicate handling..with attention to detail! I’m thinking a pattern stencil, daubers & some enamel paint wont hurt my hands as bad :) I must say though, out of ALL the mason jar crafts I have skimmed over for months…I have not seen one quite like this. High five for being clever and creative!


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