Organize Your Craft Stash: Desktop Storage

As I’ve worked to de-clutter my craft stash, it has become very clear that small items are my major organizational challenge. I have colored pencils, charcoal pencils, markers and brushes in so many different places that I literally don’t know what exactly I own.

My messy craft bin in need of organization

Worse, I have discovered that I have accumulated a lot of duplicates.  Case in point:  I counted 14 different orange colored pencils in just the single supply tub I’ve been showing on these posts.  FOURTEEN!  Aside from the amount of money I’ve wasted buying things I already owned–I’m trying not to think about that–why would I ever need that many different orange colored pencils?!

Yep, fourteen!

Clearly, when it comes to colored pencils, out of sight means out of mind to me.  So I decided that I need to keep my colored pencils in view on my desk.  There are some great multi-compartment desktop solutions, like the Storganizer, but I wanted to stick with smaller, individual containers that I can rearrange at will depending on my current project.  Darice makes these cute See-thru Storage Paint Cans in two different sizes, and the larger one is perfect for pens, pencils, brushes and the like.

My messy bin of supplies is now neat and accessible!

You can decorate the cans if you want–I recommend making liners that you can switch out when the mood strikes–but I’m leaving mine undecorated for now.  I already have some brightly colored plant pots on my desk, and the colored pencils, brushes and other supplies provide just enough additional color without making me crazy.

Next week, we’ll discuss other storage solutions, including larger and specialty organizers. (And I’ll show you where all of those duplicate colored pencils ended up!)  And remember, whether you have a whole craft room in need of reorganization, or simply a small box like this…

… you can share a picture of it to be entered into our GO Giveaway contest to win a $150 storage & organization prize package!  The contest deadline is 9am on Tuesday, January 10th.  For directions on how to enter, visit this post.

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