Polka Dot Glitter DIY Candles

I was fascinated with glitter growing up. I remember glittering anything and everything I could. I’m sure it drove my mother crazy seeing glitter all over the place but I couldn’t help it. Even now I still find myself enjoying glitter projects. Now that my children enjoy playing with glitter, I can somewhat relate to my mother’s feelings towards it. While making these polka dot glitter DIY candles, I let the kids glitter shapes onto pieces of paper while I worked on my project. At the end of the day there was glitter all over the table, ground, and of  course my children. Sigh. At least my DIY candles turned out exactly like I envisioned them!

Glitter-DIY-Candles-Crafts-UnleashedTo make the DIY candles, I used Silhouette double sided adhesive sheets and a paper punch to create polka dots. The adhesive is great for glitter projects. I often use it during the holidays, especially for ornaments.

Supplies needed to make your own polka dot glitter DIY candles:supply2

Step One: Use a paper punch or die cutting machine to cut around 20 circles (mine are 1 inch).

Glitter-DIY-Candles-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step Two: Remove one side of the adhesive backing and apply to candle.

Glitter-DIY-Candles-Crafts-Unleashed-3Step Three: Once all of the dots have been placed on the candle, remove the second layer. Sprinkle glitter onto adhesive dots. Lightly shake excess glitter off the candle.

Glitter-DIY-Candles-Crafts-Unleashed-4Step Four: Use a brush or cloth to remove stray glitter around the candle.

Glitter-DIY-Candles-Crafts-Unleashed-1Despite the messy glitter incident, I’m really enjoying my new decorative DIY candles. The best part is that if I’d like to change them all I need to do is remove the adhesive and try a new design.

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