3 Inspiring Reasons to Learn Jewelry Making Skills

You have Pinterest boards, pages torn out of magazines, and multiple browser bookmarks devoted to jewelry pieces you love. You might have a few jewelry making supplies, like chains and clasps and pretty beads that you just couldn’t resist.  Clearly, you’re almost sold on the idea of creating your own jewelry… you just need a little nudge.  So here are three great reasons for you to learn DIY jewelry making skills:

Freeform shell and silver necklace

I often wear V-neck sweaters with scoop-neck tees, so I made this freeform necklace to fill in the space AND add some quirky style.

1. Custom Jewelry is Uniquely Perfect

In the immortal words of Mark Twain:  “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”  Mr. Twain is known more for his devotion to books than bling, but these words could apply just as easily to jewelry!

When you start to make your own jewelry, you never have to settle for a necklace that is just a little too long to look good with your wedding dress, or a pair of earrings that would be perfect if only they weren’t pink. Everything you wear will be totally you, and totally unique.

Earring fragment with shell bracelet and beads

My orphaned semiprecious stone earring, stripped of its earring hardware (lower right) will become a necklace. The shell bracelet was the source of my beads for the necklaces in this post.

2.  Fixing It:  Stay Green… and Design Smart!

Simply put:  When you know how to make jewelry, you know how to fix broken jewelry, too.  When you can fix broken clasps and reattach pendants with jump rings, you no longer need to throw away, ignore or replace the jewelry you have already bought.

As a bonus, upcycling broken jewelry components is also design smart.  If you’re holding on to a pretty earring that lost its mate somewhere along the way, chances are that you really like its design.  Give that earring new life as a pendant or component in some other piece of jewelry is not only green and money-wise, it’s design smart, too!

Horizontal shell band necklace

My minimalist take on the horizontal band trend seen in pieces like this and this.

3.  Get the Look for Less

At some point, you may have looked at a piece of jewelry in the store and decided that you could make it more cheaply than you could buy it–and tailor it to your own personal taste at the same time. While you should never directly copy someone else’s design, it’s perfectly acceptable to be inspired by someone else’s work… and yes, you can often recreate and adapt a look at home for much less.

Crafts Unleashed Jewelry Basics Square Logo

So, what’s holding you back?  If you’re like many people, it’s the nuts-and-bolts basics of jewelry making:  Knowing your jewelry findings, selecting the right beads and embellishments, and developing the skills to put it all together beautifully. If you’re nodding your head right now, you will definitely want to keep tabs on our upcoming series:  Crafts Unleashed Jewelry Basics!

Which jewelry making techniques, tools, or findings in particular do YOU want to learn more about?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


About Kim M

I am the Content Manager for ConsumerCrafts by day, and an unapologetic trash picker, crafter, gardener and DIY fanatic by night. Many of my projects are inspired by a childhood love of MacGuyver and the satisfaction of finding creative new uses for a variety of materials. I fear that the thought, "Hey, I can make that..." will some day be my undoing!


  1. Deanna Meyers says:

    I’ve a sister with an anniversary during the Christmas season and I would love to make them a card!!!I also have eleven grandchildren. I generally make their Christmas gifts.

  2. Deanna Meyers says:

    I’ve a sister with an anniversary during the Christmas season and I would love to make them a card!!!I also have eleven grandchildren!!!!

  3. Wow I didn’t know this was avalible. I just started doing my own card embroidery, this would make things go much faster. I’ll have to tell my card making friendsall about this, thanks for posting this!!!!!

  4. Peggy, I hope that this new series helps to get you started! :-)

    One of the things that I really love about jewelry making is that it can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. The necklaces in this post were all created with basic components: Beads, chain, lobster clasps and jump rings. No eye pins, fancy wireworking, etc.–I just wanted to make something quick and simple to wear to work the following week!

  5. Peggy Mashke says:

    You make it all look so easy. I really want to try jewelry making

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