Boho Layered Necklace DIY

I quite like the bohemian look, especially with my jewelry and accessories. The point of boho style is to be eclectic so it’s a great chance to mix and match things I wouldn’t usually put together. For instance, you can mix different metals, beads, charms and even a little fabric. That’s exactly what I did with this layered necklace and I love the result.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedSupplies needed to make your own boho layered necklace:



Step 1: Place three different types of chain onto a jump ring.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedStep 2: Cut those chains at varying lengths. I didn’t measure, just eyeballed a good length. But, for example, you might cut one 7 inch, an 8 inch and a 9 inch chain.


Step 3: Place the cut ends of the chain onto a jump ring. Make sure you reflect the chain order from the first jump ring. I put the chunky silver chain on the outside of the jump rings, the medium silver chain in the middle and the bronze chain in the inside.


Step 4: Use the jump rings or two connectors to attach the three chains to a chunky chain. This chain will be the top portion of your layered necklace. I didn’t formally measure this. I placed the chunky chain around my neck and held the other chains up to see where I wanted to cut the chunky chain.boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedStep 5a: Now let’s make a couple of tassels to add a different texture to the layered necklace. Wrap several strands of embroidery floss around a few fingers. About three inches in length. boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedStep 5b: Fold the floss strands in half. Trim the floss on one end but leave the loops on the other end. At the top of the looped end, wrap some floss around and tie a knot. Now your loop is secure and you can slip a jump ring on there.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedStep 6a: Now it’s time to create beaded head pins. Slip a few beads onto a head pin. I wasn’t precise at all with this. I totally let go of my need to match beads according to size and color.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedStep 6b: Now  you will want to create loops on either end of your beaded head pin. I have an easy tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to create these loops.  Make about six or seven of these beaded head pins.

boho necklace04Step 7: The very best step! Now we add our tassels, beads, and charms to the layered necklace. I started by placing a large bead in the middle of the longest chain. I just used a jump ring to attach the bead.

boho necklace14Once I had the middle point set, I began adding beads and charms to either side of that point in various places along all three chains. To add the beaded head pins, cut the chain where you want to place the headpin. Open the loops on the head pin, slip the chain on and close the loop.

boho necklace15

boho necklace16You might find that your chain lengths become a little wonky once you start adding beads. If a chain is longer than you intended, just cut some length off the top, near the jump ring. Then reattach the chain to the jump ring.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedIn addition to the beaded head pins, use jump rings to randomly place charms and tassels on your necklace.

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedI am so obsessed with this boho layered necklace. I loovve how it turned out!

boho-layered-necklace-CraftsUnleashedI usually lean towards a mix of eclectic and symmetrical designs. While I see that present in this layered necklace, I let go a little more than usual and didn’t think too much about matching and whatnot. It was such a fun process! Do you like the eclectic, bohemian vibe or do you prefer a more precise style?

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  1. Elic says

    I am normally also obsessed with equal and ordered. I love your necklace, but I know I couldn’t wear it, my cats would kill the tassels the first time I picked one up!

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