DIY Beach-Inspired Dangle Earrings

Summer means vacations – and that often means heading to the coast! Or maybe just wishing you were at the beach, that’s OK too! Either way, these sweet Summer beach-inspired dangle earrings will put you in a Summery mood! They are inspired by the cool blues and whites of the ocean waves, and they would be so pretty with any of your Summer outfits, or even something light and fun to wear with your swimsuit! These dangle earrings are so fast to make up as well. You could make up a few sets of dangle earrings to give to your family and friends too!


Supplies needed to make your own beach-inspired dangle earrings: supply-list

Begin your dangle earrings by cutting two pieces of your small chain, 3/4″ long each. Sometimes small chain is a little tough to measure the same, so an easy tip for making sure the lengths are the same is to cut one piece, then feed the top length onto a piece of wire. Add your next piece of chain to the wire as well, then you can cut and measure your pieces accurately.


Add the piece of chain to the bottom ring of your connector bead with a jump ring.


Now you’re going to add a bunch of pearls to head wires, and create eye loops on the end of them. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Start by adding your pearl to a head pin.
  2. Hold the wire with your round nosed pliers and tilt the wire above that at a slight angle.
  3. While holding the wire in place, loop the end around one side of the round nosed pliers and cross the wire over the pearl. You’ve just made a little loop.
  4. Remove the round nosed pliers and place your wire cutters on the loop, just where it crosses itself above the pearl. Clip the wire. Make sure your loop is shaped nicely, you can adjust it with your pliers if you need to.
  5. Now you have a sweet little bead on the wire with a loop for hanging.


Make up as many pearls and rings as you want for your chain. The more you make, the fuller your dangle earrings will look. Start by adding loops to the jump ring just below the connector bead.


Continue moving down the chain and adding pearls as you go. Make sure you switch up the sides of the chain that you hang the pearls on, so the entire chain is covered.


Once you are all finished, open up the loop on your ear wires and add it to the top ring on the connector bead.


Repeat for your other earring – and then you are all finished! You will have a sweet pair of dangle earrings to wear this summer – whether you make it to the beach or not!



What do you think of these DIY dangle earrings?


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