Easy Duct Tape Crafts: Bracelet Bangles

Looking for a super fast, super inexpensive and super fun jewelry project that requires only scissors and duct tape? This quick and easy duct tape crafts project is one you can take anywhere, make for anyone and wear everywhere, with everything!

Supplies needed to make your own Duct tape bracelet bangles:

Cut one strip of duck tape to length. I like an 8″ bangle, but depending on your wearer, you might choose to make it a bit shorter or longer. (Sharp scissors make this task so easy. Dull scissors will kill it.)

Carefully fold a long edge up about 3/8″. Press from the middle out to avoid bubbles.

Continue folding the long edge up. We want the final fold to create a seam closer to the center of your piece than to the edges. If the edge of the tape is at the edge of the bangle the sticky edge can catch on tender arm hairs. If the edge is in the center it’s not a problem.

Bring the two ends together with the seam on the inside of the bangle.

Wrap with a 1/2″ piece of duct tape, securing the edges in the inside.

That’s it! Easy and inexpensive duct tape bracelet bangles that don’t jangle!

 Make lots and lots to stack and mix with other duck tape colors! (Like Gold— also fabulous!)



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