Miniature Inspirations

Miniatures have  always been a craft supply that has eluded me.  What to do with them?  Minus stringing on a chain and wearing as jewelry, I’m stumped!  When I stumbled upon Agnes at Knock Knocking, I was thrilled to see all sorts of miniatures mixed in with one of my very favorite craft elements, yarn!  The combination is magnificent!  Along with the minis, she mixes in grommets, beads, buttons, and any number of 3-D accents. Each of the pieces is so dynamic!

I’m off to whip up something so deliciously spring with my new mini inspirations!  You can check out a full yarn wreath tutorial on Knock Knocking here.

Get Started! Supply List:
-Yarns of all colors: here
-Various Mini Birds: here
-Bird Nest: here
-Different Wrap-able Wreaths: here
-Felt Flowers: here
-Heart Brads


  1. Teresa Chamberlain says:

    I would have to say my 2 “tools would be crochet hook and scissors. My desert Island came equiped with lots of yarn! LOL!

  2. Angie LeBlanc says:

    I would have to have a bunch of sharpened drawing pencils and a stack of sketch pads. I could only imagine what ideas I could come up with for beading, painting, etc….

  3. Jenn Smith Sloane says:

    I would say on a deserted island I would like to have endless amounts of paper and adhesive.

  4. My bead kit and a hole punch.

  5. I would take 2 large bags fille with yarn and needles…

  6. I would bring my metal shears, they can cut through anything and a pliers for when I am not strong enough pulling or yanking things together or apart. I was also thinking of what would work for building a shelter or a cooking apparatus.

  7. ohh well i would like to carry my glue gun and heavy duty scissors, lol i can build small hut and do craft with nature found object

  8. Claudia Davis says:

    I would bring my craft tweezers and my eyelet setting hammer. That way I can use the tweezers to pick up small items or items that might be poisonous and I’d have a hammer to fix or make things!

  9. simple: my crochet hooks and plenty of yarn! if im lucky ill get stranded on an island with some awesome palm trees and id crochet myself some awesome coverings with the leaves! ;)

  10. I need to practice my quilling…so quilling paper and quilling tool.

  11. tennislady says:

    I would love to have my yarn and that new loop machine as I would make yarn collars for all the natives. That way I could become their hero while I waited for the rescue team to arrive.

  12. Hmmm…2 craft supplies. Probably paper and pen so I have something to “talk” to. I suppose a ship to shore radio wouldn’t be considered crafty…

  13. A craft knife and heavy duty glue!

  14. I would bring my bead tote full of all my beading needs and my scrapbook tote full of all my scrapbooking and rubber stamping needs. I would make sure I had them packed full so that I could share with others.

  15. only 2? ummm….yarn and scissors..I would learn how to knit and make buttflaps! LOL

  16. A gardenhole and seeds in case was their a while..a gardenhole has many uses.can dig,cut off head of snake and can use to make a garden is just some of the ways to use..seeds to grow a garden

  17. I would bring scissors and some yarn. I could use them to make some sort of shelter and entertain myself knitting (in some sticks I found around the island!).

  18. Cyndy Brandt says:

    geesh only 2 ? what a hard choice…. well it would have to be #1….my traveling bead bag(always stocked with all my tools and at least 3 projects)#2….loctite super glue control gel…(can’t live without that stuff!)

  19. The 2 things I would bring with me would be wire cutters because I could cut multiple things with them and a crochet hook.