How-To: Fused Glass Jewelry with Fuseworks Beginner’s Fusing Kit

Doesn’t fused glass jewelry look so professional? I’m not a big dichroic glass fan, which you often find in fused glass pieces. So I thought I would try to create my own professional glass jewelry with a minimalist feel. Thankfully, the Fuseworks Beginner’s Fusing kit is really easy to use in your own home! I’ll show you how my first attempts went.

Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make your own Fuseworks fused glass jewelry:

Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step 1: Read the directions that come with the kit. No, seriously. I know you may be tempted to skip directions and get straight to the fun stuff but there is important stuff in there!Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-02Step 2: Just in case you skip Step 1 (ahem), I’m reminding you to prep the microwave kiln by heating in the microwave for a few minutes.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-03Step 3: Using the glass cutter in the kit and a straight-edge, like a ruler, create a scratched line on the glass. I had to practice this several times to get it to work. Supposedly you can just apply some pressure to the glass cutter and make one scratched line across the glass. I don’t think my glass cutter was sharp enough so I had to go back and forth over my line to create a scratch the full length of the glass. You want to apply just enough pressure to hear a very slight grinding noise.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-05Step 4: Using the ball end of the glass cutter, tap along the line a few times. Not insanely hard but give it a solid whack.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-06Step 5: This should break the glass along the lines you made. This takes practice. As you can see, my breaks aren’t perfect. Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-07Step 6: While I was cutting big pieces for a pendant, I used the glass cutter to break the glass into random small pieces. I wanted to make some tiny earring posts. You might want to wear safety glasses during this process.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-09Step 7: Cut a piece of kiln paper (included in the kit) to fit on the base of the kiln.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-11Step 8: Arrange your pieces of glass on the kiln paper. Allow enough space between the pieces so they don’t touch. This is the point where most people layer various glass pieces to get a collaged-look (the kit has several types of glass for this). I suppose that’s the whole point of fused glass but I prefer to keep it simple with one piece of glass. Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-12Step 9: Place the top over the kiln base and microwave the whole kiln for the time recommended in the instructions. I found 2.5-3 minutes usually worked for me. You can tell when your glass is ready by watching the hole in the top of the kiln. Once the heat glow turns yellow-ish, you can take the kiln out (using the gloves included in the kit! For reals, use those gloves. This thing is HOT.).Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-15Now, you are not supposed to lift the lid of the kiln until it is fully cooled because exposing the hot glass to air could cause cracks or bubbles. I lifted mine to show you a quick photo of how insanely hot the glass gets. Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-16Step 10: After cooling, remove the glass pieces from the kiln. Every one of my pieces had a light film of kiln paper attached to the back. I just washed it off with water.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-18Step 11: The edges of your glass will be rough and could cut you when wearing it as jewelry. Using a nail file or jewelry file, file the edges until they are safer. You can file as long as you want, if you want a more uniform edge.Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-19Step 12: Attach the glass pieces to jewelry findings. A bail is included in the kit so I glued the big piece of glass to the bail and strung it on chain to create a necklace. Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-21I glued the tiny pieces to earring posts. And here’s a tip for letting your earring posts dry – dry them upside down, like in the holes of a ruler. If you dry them on the side, the glue will slide during the long drying time. Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-23Once the jewelry pieces have dried over night, you are good to go! Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-26I’m 100% in love with the dainty earring posts. I’ve created bunches in different colors. They are just so perfect for everyday wear. And they would make excellent gifts!Fuseworks-glass-jewelry-Crafts-Unleashed-25Do you have any ideas for using this awesome fusing kit?


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