Geometric Handmade Earrings With Hardware Supplies

Tired of the same old generic store-bought earrings? Stand out with these fun and playful geometric handmade earrings! Follow along as I show you how to make a pair for yourself.

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make your own geometric handmade earrings:supply2

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-03Step 2: Repeat step 1 with two of the larger picture hanging hardware pieces.

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-02Step 3: Place the small triangle inside the larger triangle. Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-07Step 4: Place the triangles onto the earring hook and tightly squeeze the hook shut with the pliers. You will want to do this even tighter than normal so the triangles don’t slide around on the hook. Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-08

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-09Step 5: Now you will create a dangler to hang on the triangles. You can really customize this part of the handmade earrings to match your style. I used a bright pink bead, an old spacer bead from a broken necklace, and a piece of a Tori Spelling earring. 

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-10Place your chosen beads on a head pin and create a loop at the top. Slide the loop onto the triangle and close the loop with pliers. To add a dangling charm, do the same process for the bottom of the head pin. For detailed instructions on this, read my tutorial on basic wire wrapping.Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-17How fun are these handmade earrings? Unique, colorful and the kind of on-trend that isn’t too on-trend, you know what I mean?

Triangle-handmade-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-2How else could you use the hardware supplies to make jewelry? I have a few ideas!


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