Beaded Leather Bracelets For Women Tutorial

Natural and irregularly cut stones are all the rage right now! Depending on what you wear them with, natural stones can be elegant and casual all at the same time. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, jewelry pieces that utilize these stones can be quite pricey. Why not save some money and make your own beaded leather bracelets for women with this tutorial!     Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-UnleashedI am not a jewelry maker. So the fact that I made this bracelet in about half an hour with only a few supplies means that anyone can make beaded leather bracelets for women! You won’t even need any special jewlery making tools, that’s how easy this project is. Not partial to the seafoam natural stones I used in this example? ConsumerCrafts has tons of beautiful Semi-Precious beads for you to choose from to customize this bracelet however you want!

Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make beaded leather bracelets for women:supply2

Step 1. Cut a 20″ strand from the white beading thread. That should be plenty long enough but don’t worry if you do come up short, you can always tie another strand in. Begin by threading the end of the strand through the first hole and stringing three beads (or how ever many it takes to cover the width of the bracelet). Push the thread through the opposite hole and secure with a double knot to the other end of the strand in the back. Trim off excess string.

Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-Unleashed-2Step 2. Making sure the strand is taut, pull the end through the next hole. String three more beads and then push the string through to the bottom. Repeat this process until the entire bracelet is covered. If you’re having a problem with the string fraying, dip the end in a little bit of Mod Podge or glue. This will prevent the strand from unraveling and will make threading the beads so much easier!

Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-Unleashed-04Step 3. When you reach the end of the bracelet, just tie off the strings in a double knot and trim. Done and done!

Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-Unleashed-5How easy was that? You can make adorably fashionable beaded leather bracelets for women for under 10 bucks!

Beaded-Leather-Bracelets-for-women-Crafts-Unleashed6Hope you and your friends enjoy these beaded leather bracelets for women!

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    Thanks, I just kept getting that page could not be found and none of the other stones were like the ones you used ….I found them, order it in and very happy. Thank you for your help.


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