Make a Coiled Bead & Rose Quartz Necklace for Mother’s Day

For this month’s jewelry post, I wanted to do something for Mother’s Day but also something a little different. So I did both! I chose rose quartz for the Mother’s Day portion because it’s pretty, soft looking and pink but then I added some coiled wire beads for something a little different.


Supplies for Wire Beads:


You’ll need the wood plaque as a base for the coiling gizmo.

Simply drill a pilot hole in the center of the plaque and then screw the bracket into it. Screw it down tight. This gives the bracket stability while you are coiling.

To make the coiled beads I recommend this video from Beadalon: Artistic Wire Deluxe Coiling Gizmo. The coiling gizmo shown is slightly different but the coiled wire bead I created is shown here. It’s the best video I’ve found for showing how they are made.

Make an Coiled Bead and Rose Quartz Necklace for Mother's Day

You’ll need six coiled beads for this necklace.

NOTE: I used 26 gauge wire for my necklace because I wanted something delicate. The wire is very thin and if this is your first project with the coiling gizmo you might want to move up to the Copper Wire-Sterling Silver Plated-24 Gauge just to make it a little easier on yourself.


Supplies for the Necklace:

To create the center of the necklace put an eye pin through one of the large Rose Quartz Beads and make a simple loop at the top. Put 2 rose quartz chips on 2 head pins and 3 rose quartz chips on another head pin. Create a simple loop and attach them all to the bottom of the eye pin as shown.

Make wire wrapped loops on the end of all of the coiled wire beads and attach two of them to the top of the stone using the simple loop you created earlier.

The next segment is created by putting an oval rose quartz on an eyepin and attaching them to the coiled beads. Add another pair of coiled beads followed by a head pin with 5 rose quartz chips. Finally, add a third coiled bead on each side.

Attach a length of Beadalon wire to one of the last coiled beads with a crimp bead and bead with rose quarts chips. With a crimp bead attach one half of the closure.

Repeat on the second side.

This portion of the necklace will determine how long the final piece is. My finished strand of rose quartz chips is 4 1/4 inches long on each side and the finished necklace is 24 inches from tip to tip.

For the very last step, go back over the necklace with either a bit of old panty hose or a polyester/nylon fabric and very gently polish the coiled wire beads. If you left any wires poking out they will catch of the fabric and you’ll see where they may need to be trimmed off. This will keep the wires from poking your neck during wear.

Now all that’s left is to decide whether you will give this necklace away or keep it for yourself!

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