Mix and Mingle Bracelet

It is the season of weddings. I have been invited to countless weddings this year and I am often asked for ideas on how to personalize bridal party gifts without taking out a mortgage. The Mix and Mingle line is a great option. They come in several metal finishes and a ton of bead options. You could pick the colors and the finishes that each person in your bridal party likes.

Supplies for this particular bracelet:

To make the bracelet, just slide the beads on the chain in the order that you would like. It’s that easy!

This is a great video from Darice that shows just how easy it is to make a beautiful piece of jewelry from the Mix and Mingle collection.


Other ideas:

A few additional ideas for  the beads – the attendants passing out programs need a thank you gift, too.  A nice way to say thank you is by getting them started on their own charm bracelet.  Pick out a few beads for them and leave room for them to add their own.

As a thank you to the young readers and greeters, you could also make a necklace.  Place a few beads on leather cording.

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  1. Wanda B says

    Mix and Mingle Beads are wonderful! I have made several necklaces with them and I always get the same response…”WOW, you have a Pandora necklace”. I let them ohh and awe over it a little before I tell them it is not Pandora, but the next best thing!!!

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