Project: Winter Wonderland Bracelet

Sparkly enough to wear all year!
Sparkly enough to wear all year!

This is a simple but elegant bracelet designed to sparkle like the snow on a moonlit night.  It is perfect to complete that little black dress at a cocktail party, or to dress up your favorite jeans & t-shirt. You can even wear it for the 4th of July- how versatile is that!

Supply List:

1-  Silver- Plated Toggle Clasp
1 pk – Bright Silver Crimp Tubes 2.5mm
Straight Channels Bead Board
Diagonal Cutters
Regular Crimper
49 strand bright silver 10 ft beadalon spool
3 pkgs  – Sterling Silver Plated Rondelle Spacers (2pc/pkg)
4 pkgs – 8mm Sapphire Round Crystal Bead (3 pc/pkg)
2 pkgs – 6mm Crystal Round AB Bicone Bead (6pc/pkg)
1 pkg – 4mm Light Sapphire Bicone-(12pc/pkg)


  1. Start by laying your beads out in the bead board in the following order:
    (a) 4mm light sapphire bicone, 6mm crystal AB bicone, 8mm sapphire round, rondelle spacer, 8mm sapphire round, 6mm crystal AB bicone
    (b) Repeat (a) 4 times
    (c) Finish with a single 4mm light sapphire bicone
  2. Cut a 12” length of wire with the diagonal cutters.  Slide a crimp tube and one side of the toggle clasp onto the wire, loop the wire back through the crimp tube, and crimp the tube closed.
  3. String crystals onto the wire, in the same order that you laid them onto the bead board.  Be sure to slide the beads at the end over both wires near your toggle.
  4. Slide another crimp tube and the other half of the toggle onto the wire, and loop the wire back through the crimp tube, and the first few beads already on the wire.
  5. Hold the toggle in one hand, and gently pull on the loose end of the wire to tighten the bracelet.  Crimp the tube closed.
  6. Using the diagonal cutters, clip the end of the wire as close to the beads as possible.
  7. Enjoy your new bracelet!

Remember, you can always carefully clip the wire and start over if your bracelet doesn’t turn out exactly how you want it the first time.

Happy Beading!


FTC Disclosure: these producst were provided gratis by for design purposes. However, they can’t buy my truthful opinion. Just sayin’.

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