Handmade Gift Challenge: Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet

Today’s project is a fun woven leather bracelet that has a little bling!  If you’ve ever done any weaving, you will find this to be a much more simple design than what it looks like – making it look impressive without a lot of effort! At under $10 each, this DIY rhinestone and leather bracelet makes a fabulous gift for the jewelry lover in your life!

Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-1Supplies needed to make your own rhinestone and leather bracelet:

Total: $18.52 or less for 2 leather bracelets = $9.26 each

Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-32I made two versions of this leather bracelet – you can create a whole different look just by changing the colors!  Try using natural leather bracelet cord, an offsetting color thread like this silver lame, and even other colors of rhinestone chain, like this champagne color!  The tutorial will show the champagne color, because the first one I made was a bit of an experiment. :) But I love both colors!

First – cut your cord and chain a few inches longer than you need.  The average size for a bracelet is 7 inches, but you can vary this if your wrist is larger or smaller.  Your clasp will add about 1/2 inch, so plan on a woven length of approximately 6-1/2 inches.  This means you will need to cut your cords and chain to approximately 9 inches because once you get close to the end, you will need a little extra length to hold onto, so you can continue to work.  You will need 3 lengths of leather bracelet cord, and 2 lengths of chain. Now, unwind a bunch of thread for this.  You can add more later if you come up short, but it will be harder to weave in the ends.  I try to work with one continuous piece when I am able to.  You will need a length that is 3-4 times the length of your bracelet, and you will be doubling it up to work with.  So you can be like me and just unravel a couple arm’s lengths, or you can measure off about 8 feet of thread. Find the center of your thread, and tie it around either the left or right leather cord.  You want to make sure the end of your thread gets crimped into your ribbon end.

Add some glue to your ribbon end, and clamp your cords and chain into it.  This seems like a simple step, but I found this to be the most difficult step in the entire project, so if you have trouble lining it all up, you are not alone… just hang in there, because everything else is easy after this!  I found it easiest to crimp it slowly starting at one end, and secure each piece one at a time.

Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-4Now, to weave.  It doesn’t matter which side you start on, I started on the left, so the directions will go from left to right, then back again.  You can work right to left if you prefer.

Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-5 Pass the thread over the leather cords and under the chain between two rhinestones until you get to the right side.  Then, wrap it over the right cord so that it’s coming up from the bottom, and pass it over the chains in between the rhinestones in the same place, and under the cords.  This completes one row.  At the end of each row, pull it so that is an even tension. You will repeat this throughout your leather bracelet – over the cords and under the chains, then under the cords and over the chains coming back.  I find it helpful to secure my bracelet with a clipboard, or even a makeshift version like this… (yes, that is just a chip clip on a canvas board, because my clipboard had become a temporary toddler art station). ;) Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-6 Check the length against your wrist periodically – and don’t forget that your clasp will add a little length as well.  When you get to the end, knot your thread securely on one of the cords.  Use your wire cutters to cut it off evenly at the links immediately after your knot. Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-7 Add some glue to your other ribbon end and crimp it on.  This will be significantly easier than the first end because your cords will be woven neatly together this time.  Then, just add your clasp, and your leather bracelet is finished!

Rhinestone-leather-bracelet-Crafts-Unleashed-2What handmade gifts are you making this year?


About Adrianne

Adrianne is a working wife and mom of 2 kids. She blogs at happyhourprojects.com where the theme is tutorials and recipes that can be made in an hour or less. She started out making jewelry back in the 80′s, and was widely known among 3rd graders as the friendship bracelet queen. Her style has evolved since then, but her passion for creativity has only grown. Adrianne can be found writing, sewing, quilting, baking and crafting with a wide variety of mediums. She enjoys day trips and date nights, and has written several bad first drafts of novels.


  1. I haven’t made jewelry since I was in school. (umm…40 years ago) I saw this leather and rhinestone bracelet and really wanted to give it a try. It came out beautiful! The only difficult part was the first ribbon end, as promised! Then I went to try it on. the clasp doesn’t work. The rod doesn’t go into the circle at all.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there supposed to be something else put in there? Or is my clasp defective?

    • I use these Kumihomo ends (the ribbon ends and the glue-on end caps too) for a LOT of my bracelet projects – I LOVE them. But every once in a while, I will get one the seems to be off by a fraction! It’s weird. Here’s a work-around.

      On the post-end, add an extra jump ring or two (depending how big they are – I’d try a 4mm ring if you have one handy, otherwise just use whatever you have). That little bit of extra length will allow that post end to pass farther through the hoop end, so that there’s enough room for it to swivel out. (I hope that makes sense).

      Alternately, you can take the toggle clasp off and replace it with a different kind of clasp and only use the ribbon ends. I do like using lobster clasps for bracelets because they are more secure than toggle clasps overall.

      It’s not often that they don’t line up like this, but I know just what you’re talking about – it does happen every once in a while. I haven’t found a source for just the ribbon ends by themselves, so I still stock up on the sets because I really love using them.

  2. I think the black leather one is awesome as it could make a chic outfit edgier or a rock chick outfit more feminine. If I can platt hair, then surley I can make this :0)

  3. Love this, where is a good place to get the supplies? I live in a small town, need an on line site. Thanks

  4. WOW I absolutely LOVE this bracelet…it stunning and yet so simple to make! This is definitely on my “to make” list! :)

    • Sarah {Crafts Unleashed Editor} says:

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for stopping by! We are glad to hear you are loving Adrianne’s bracelet!

      At the beginning of the post, under the first image, there is a supply list. Click the orange underlined links and they will take you directly to the product she used and you can purchase it online right there.

      Good luck!

  5. Okay – I love this. Love, love, LOVE it! I’m making these for sure — the finished product is incredible! (And this rhinestone chain… hmmm… I’m getting some ideas in my head now…)

  6. Super, unique bracelet. Really like the design!

  7. Adding this to my list of bracelets to make!!

  8. LOVE these! Pinning!!

  9. Oh I love this! It’s perfect for a little extra Christmas glitter. I’m going to have to make one. :)

  10. My “want to craft” list keeps getting longer and longer. I want to make couple for me (or maybe 3 or 4?) and few others for gifts. We just had our Granddaughter here all day yesterday to craft. We talked about her coming back to do more. I think she’d really love this project as she’s 13 1/2. Hope she will as she could most likely show me how to do it better than the tutorial, I’m not too swift at doing things like making jewelry, not your fault, mine). She’s a very smart young lady. Can’t say little as she’s taller than her Grama now.
    Great project and post. Can hardly wait to get started on making this bracelet. Happy Thanksgiving

  11. I love this! I want a few for myself. Darn, my “to craft” list keeps getting longer and longer. :)


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