DIY Rhinestone Statement Necklace

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Sam @ Bromeliad

This DIY designer-inspired statement necklace is affordable and easy to make and will keep you glittering for the rest of the winter! You can adapt the design to make use of whatever rhinestones you have.

Supplies needed to make your own rhinestone statement necklace:

Step 1. The slider beads have two sets of holes in the back which allow you to string them together using jewelry wire. Use two strands of wire for each set of beads.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 1Step 2. After you position the rhinestone strands according to how you want your statement necklace to look, twist the ends of the wire together.  Then cut to about a half inch and bend the ends behind the beads.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 2Step 3. Mark the center point of each strand of beads. (I used a small piece of blue tape.) Line up the beads on your canvas mesh so that they are centered.

Use a few pieces of jewelry wire to loosely wire each strand to the mat at the center point of each strand. This is to temporarily hold the beads in place. You will later remove this wire for your finished statement necklace.

Position the top strand of beads (the square beads) to have an even curve. Wire the ends of the bead strand in place.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 3Step 4. At this point, the simplest way to attach the beads to the mesh is with jewelry glue. (See Step 7 before gluing. Don’t glue down the mesh where you will be attaching your chain until after the chain is on.) However, if you would like a less permanent option, you can also stitch the bead strands to the mesh.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 4Step 5. To sew the beads to the mesh, use heavy duty sewing or embroidery thread that is double threaded and matches your mesh. Sew through the wire strands to the canvas mesh and tie off with knots.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 5Step 6. After the beads are firmly attached to the mat, you can remove the wire used to position the the beads. Then cut around the plastic mesh. I cut roughly with scissors and then more closely to the beads using small wire cutters. (You can also use fingernail clippers.) If you have glued the beads to the mesh, you can cut very close. If your beads are sewn on, cut more cautiously so you don’t sever any thread.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 6Step 7. Divide your chain into two equal lengths. Double each piece of the chain over and attach the chain ends to the mesh. Use small jump rings if the chain is too bulky to attach directly to the mesh. Glue around the statement necklace mesh where the chain is attached if needed.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-step 7Step 8. Attach an extender chain to the chunky chain. Attach a lobster claw clasp to finish off your statement necklace.

Rhinestone-statement-necklace-Crafts-Unleashed-3And there you have it – a gorgeous designer-inspired statement necklace for less!


 We would like to thank Sam for this amazing DIY statement necklace tutorial! For more DIY jewelry and project inspiration, click over to her blog, Bromeliad –> HERE.

About Sam

Hi. I'm Samantha and I blog from Brooklyn, New York. I named my blog Bromeliad because bromeliads are resourceful plants that pull nutrients out of the thin air and reach light by attaching themselves to taller trees. Bromeliad the blog is about searching for great design and making it accessible, affordable and above all DIYable.


  1. barbara macaskill says

    WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a very expensive piece of jewelry!!! Must give this a try! Thank you for the inspiration!


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