Washi Tape Hair Pins

There are some projects that are so complicated that they take weeks and months to complete (Hello, Plastic Canvas Robot!). These washi tape hair pins are definitely not that kind of project. They come together in a matter of minutes and then you just leave them to dry for a few hours. Does it get any easier?!

Washi-Tape-Hair-Pins-Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own washi tape hair pins:supply2

Step 1: This project is so easy that the hardest part will probably be deciding which washi tape pattern you should use. I suggest sticking with small repeating patterns and solid colors for these hair pins since they’re so thin.

Washi-Tape-Hair-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed-1Step 2: Lay a piece of washi over the hair pin and trim away the excess. This is where you’re going to be thankful for your Cutter Bee Scissors! They’re super sharp and really allow for some precision cutting. If possible, you’re going to want to cut these on a bit of an angle so that a tiny bit of the metal is visible outside of the washi tape. This will allow the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to really grab on and secure the tape.

Washi-Tape-Hair-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed-TrimStep 3: Place the hair pins on a scrap piece of paper and apply a layer of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Allowing the hair pins to dry on the scrap will prevent them from being sealed shut with the Dimensional Magic. You can wipe away any excess Dimensional Magic while it’s wet. Don’t worry if some puddles occur off the edges. You’ll remove them in the next step.

Washi-Tape-Hair-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed--Mod Podge Dimensional MagicStep 4: Allow the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to dry for at least three hours before removing hair pins. You can just trim off the excess Dimensional Magic with your finger nail or scissors.

Washi-Tape-Hair-Pins-Crafts-Unleashed-3And that’s it! Super adorable hair pins with very little work. Just think of the possibilities!

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  1. Anne Dunn says

    I really like this and will try it! Have a daughter and a grand daughter who just might like this! Thank you Vanessa.


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