Word Bead Bracelet DIY

I love quick projects.  I especially love quick accessories; that’s my favorite kind of crafting to do.  So I whipped up a super simple bracelet DIY showcasing these fun new tube word beads that you can make up in about 5 minutes (there’s only 5 minutes of active crafting time – allow an extra 5-10 minutes of drying time).  Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not stylish, though!  Take a look at this word bead bracelet DIY!


I want to add a little disclaimer that if you’ve never worked with cord or jewelry glue, you may want to double that 5 minutes to 10, just getting used to the supplies – but that’s still not a bad time investment!  By the time you’re on your second bracelet DIY, you’ll be a pro, and will fly right through it.

Supplies needed to make your own word bead bracelet DIY: supply-list


Now first of all, if you haven’t cut upholstery cord before, it will totally unravel if you don’t hold it shut. So what you will need to do is wrap a small piece of tape around it, and cut on the tape. Otherwise you will find it very hard to work with – so don’t skip that step.  (Another great thing about upholstery cord is that it’s CHEAP – I think this stuff that I picked up was less than a dollar a yard. If you don’t have a fabric store nearby, though, check out some of these cord options for this bracelet DIY.)

You will need somewhere between 6-7 inches of cord. This will depend on your clasp length; you want to aim for a finished length of roughly 7 inches for this bracelet DIY (7.5 would be a little big but will still work well). So if your clasp adds an inch of length, like mine does, you only need about 6 inches of cord. A smaller clasp will require more cord. You can measure against your wrist as you work, to be sure it’s right!


Next, just add the bead on!  You can see why the tape is necessary here; you’d never get it threaded otherwise.


Finally, just glue on the end caps.  You can leave the tape on to do this, or remove it if your cord is on the thinner side (because remember, it will puff up like the photo above as soon as that tape comes off).  Jewelry glue is quick-drying, and you only need a couple drops of glue for a strong permanent bond – just make sure you get glue all the way around the end cap.


Attach your clasp with pliers, and let it dry for at least 5-10 minutes before wearing it.  Jewelry glue dries really quickly, but you’ll still want to make sure it sets before you put it on your wrist.


It’s a pro look, for next to no effort, and this style is perfect for stacking and layering too.  (That’s a good thing – because you’ve got a whole pack of beads for another bracelet DIY or two!)

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  1. Shannon says

    These are so cute and I love how simple they are. I just bought all the supplies but the cording that I bought (that fit the end caps) is too large for the word beads. So I bought smaller cording and smaller end caps, to make these bracelets. However, I’m left with thicker cording and the 10 mm end caps. Any suggestions on what I can do to create either a bracelet or necklace with these items (how to fancy them up)? Thanks for your help! Otherwise, I’ll just return the large end caps.

    • says

      Wow, anything you can think of, really! Using a 10mm jump ring means you can attach anything you like as a charm, or you can also use smaller cords grouped together (with or without large hole beads) for different looks.

  2. Maureen Hayes says

    Yea, so etching so simple even I cannot mess it up (I think. . . Lol)! These look cool and would be fun to make multiples of. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Very nice looking bracelet and pretty, fashionable and easy. What more could we want? I tend to like to wear different looking bracelets together so this would be good, love it. Great tutuorial. Happy summer days

  4. says

    Cute bracelet! I would definitely need to make one larger than 7″ because I have a 7 1/2″ wrist. May have to try this one out with some braided hemp I bought from Michael’s a while ago.


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