Easter Treats for Kids: DIY Bunny Envelopes

I rarely use the envelopes that come with cards. I usually attach the card to the front of a gift bag to double as an embellishment for the gift. I don’t know if that makes me lazy, or brilliant- but either way, I have an abundance of envelopes.

I was thrilled to find a use for my extra envelopes with this whimsical Easter treats for kids bunny holders!

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-UnleashedYou too, can create some adorable Easter treats for kids with your extra envelopes. This will work with any size envelope you have.

Supplies needed to make your own bunny envelope Easter treats for kids:supply2

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z1First, seal all of your envelopes shut.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z2Then, with the envelope running vertically, begin roughly sketching your “bunny.”

Wait! Before you start thinking that this is going to be too hard to sketch out a bunny, it is not. Trust me. Use a pencil. Any inconsistencies are going to bring character to your bunny!

You can use a CD, or a round lid or plate to get the curve of the head. Make sure the ears do not make a full point at the top. We are leaving the ears intact to make the treat holder sturdier.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z3Once you are satisfied with how your bunny looks, begin cutting your envelope. If you cut just inside your pencil lines, you will not have to erase them. Remember to leave the tips of the ears intact.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z4Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z5The easiest way to make the inner (pink) part of the ears was to trace the already cut ears onto pink cardstock.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z6This will give you the correct shape and length of the ear.

Then, using your pencil, sketch the outlined shape a little smaller.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z7Cut the shape out, and lay it over the bunny ears. Adjust if needed.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z8The hard part of these Easter treats for kids is over. You now have a custom template for your bunny AND the inner bunny ears.

Use these templates to trace additional envelope bunnies and inner ears.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z9Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z10After the initial templates are created, it is super easy to mass product these Easter treats for kids.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z11They just need a face to finish them off.

Adhere a pair of google eyes, and a pink pom pom nose.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z12Then, using a black pen- give your bunny a mouth.  Start from the center of the pink pom pom nose, and make a half circle on either side. You can use a pencil first, if you would like, and then trace it in pen.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z13Add some whiskers, too.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z14Give your bunny some rosy cheeks with a swipe of pink chalk.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z15Repeat for as many Easter treats for kids envelopes as you like!

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-1Cute, right?

Fill some clear treat bags with candy of your choice. Tie them off with some ribbon.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z17Open your Easter treats for kids bunny holder.

Easter-treats-for-kids-bunny-envelopes-Crafts-Unleashed-z18Drop that candy bag into your treat holder, and it is ready to bring a smile to “somebunny’s” face.

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Shaunte is a 30-something, chocolate-loving, SAHM from Utah. She has been scrapbooking since 1997, the dreaded era of photos cropped with deco scissors. Since then, her work has evolved into a clean, linear, photo-focused style. Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids (never a lack for subject material there).


  1. Summer says

    Looked this up today and was able to use it with kids in an after school program this afternoon. They loved it. Just enough to be creative and yet gave us breathing room to have a nice chat.

    Thanks for posting. I would not have thought of this on my own. So clever. Summer

  2. Ava Gavloski says

    shaunte you get a bravo award for this one. May I share this lovely project with some of my kids classes?


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