Kids Craft: Fun with Foamies!

foamiesIf you have small children in your life, chances are you’ve heard of Foamies! Foamies are one of those versatile craft items that, while simple, have a lot of uses and are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

Foamies are thin, flexible plastic craft sheet that are soft and pliable, hence the name. It’s has a soft texture they are easy to cut with kid’s scissors, bypass cutters, fancy scissors, even die-cutting machines- both electric and manual. You can run foamies through an embossing machine such as a Cuttlebug and it will take on texture, too! (One note- I didn’t have great luck with smaller manual punches.)

Foamies come in assorted colors and thicknesses.
Foamies come in assorted colors and thicknesses.

Foamies come in many forms these days, including:

  • Sheets and Rolls: 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm sheets, ranging from 4X6 to rolls that are 36″ by 60″. Really!
  • Glitter: in both sheets and shapes and stickers, oh my!
  • Stickers: in every size, shape, and theme. This is particularly great when working with kids or groups- no gluey mess! Even sheets come as stickers, now.
  • Shapes: There are Foamie hats, visors, notebooks, door hangers, you name it- it can be made of Foamies and decorated with Foamies!
  • Kits: Again there are themes available for almost every season and occasion, and often come with either as stickers or with the glue. From crosses to bunnies to planes, trains, and automobiles, these kits are a real time-saver. Just peel and stick! (You should check out Lisa’s review of the Foamie Lei Kit HERE.)
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Kids build confindence when they can work independently.

My kids love Foamies! I keep a bucket of Foamie sticker shapes, Foamie alphabet stickers, and 4X6 sheets in my craft room for my 5 year old daughter. Whenever I’m crafting, she sits at her table and makes postcards for her grandparents using the Foamies and glitter glue. It’s great because the shapes are pre-cut, it’s easy to peel off the paper backing, and she can arrange and collage to her heart’s content without constantly having to ask for Mommy’s help. And isn’t it great she can be creative and build her confidence??

One thing you should know: you need special Foamies Glue if an adhesive is needed. Traditional white glue won’t hold Foamies together- once it’s dried it’ll peel right off. So invest in a bottle of Foamies Glue-you don’t want those little masterpieces falling apart!

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Take it from me, if you’ve got little ones, you should have Foamies!

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    Can you pls supply a price for Foamies sheets. This is for a school project involving 1100 students so I will be purchasing a large quanity. Thanks, Gail


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