DIY Perler Beads Valentine’s Day Tray

I’m absolutely crazy about Valentine’s Day. The colors, the candy, the CRAFTS! What’s not to love about this holiday? Thought I would have some Valentine’s Day fun with my son’s latest craft obsession, Perler Beads. I created a vintage rose template and love the way it turned out.  I hadn’t used them in years and I totally forgot how slow going they can be but once you get in the groove of things, positioning hundreds of tiny beads can be somewhat meditative. Just take your time and enjoy the process because the end result will be beautiful!

Perler-beads-tray -Crafts-UnleashedSupplies needed to make your own Perler Beads Valentine tray:supply2

Step 1. Print out and follow the Free Vintage Roses Template. Or you could find any other design you like and follow that. Totally customizable!

Valentine's Day Perler Tray - BeadsStep 2. Fill out the entire design, leaving notched corners to fold up for the sides.

Valentine's Day Perler Tray - FillStep 3. Use the included Ironing Paper to fuse the beads together. Almost there!

Valentine's Day Perler Tray - IronStep 4. Place one of the fused sides over the edge of a table and heat up until it can be folded down. Hold until the side has cooled and set in place. Use caution since those beads can get pretty warm!

Valentine's Day Perler Tray - ShapeStep 5. Repeat step 4 with the three other sides and allow to cool completely.

Perler-beads-tray -Crafts-Unleashed-2How much fun was that? Just think of all the fun designs you could make into a Perler Beads tray! Plus, having these trays around means you just have to fill them with yummy candy, right? Right!

Perler-beads-tray -Crafts-Unleashed-3

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  1. lina says

    hey! this is a really good idea and what a nice tray.. i tried it myself and i didnt fix the bended egdes… could you make a video about it?

  2. Jessica says

    I LOVE this! I was looking up reviews, however, for the super size perler bead board and have seen so many negative reviews about the board’s warping after 1-2 uses. Have you found this to be the case?

    • Shelli Minton says

      I use the super sized board and myself did find it warped after a few uses now I simply use it for layouts and tape the beads off and iron them separately. Would have hoped for better from the board but it is what it is.


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