Snow Day/ Sick Day Kid’s Crafts

anybook3dgelspiralflakes 017Where I live, it’s THAT time of year- it’s either a snow day or a sick day! The snow is piling up and it’s still gets dark early, so the kiddos get cranky with nothing to do- or they’re in sick with the sniffles or flu. A savvy mom knows that having some craft projects on hand will really keep them occupied and keep the whiny-ness at bay!

My little girl still needs crafts with concrete directions- color this, glue that – so that she doesn’t get overly frustrated. These wooden glittery snowflakes are just the ticket! Here’s what you’ll need:

anybook3dgelspiralflakes 001

Have your child color the wooden snowflakes with the markers- in our world, snowflakes are blue and purple! Once the pieces are colored, have your kiddo stack the snowflakes and glue them together with the tacky glue. Let them dry for a few hours.

anybook3dgelspiralflakes 014

Once they are dry, have the kids coat the entire front with Mod Podge, and don’t be skimpy. Here’s the grown-up part- sprinkle liberally with Diamond Dust to simulate a frosty look! (Diamond Dust is ground glass glitter, so keep those young-un’s away from it. However, you could substitute regular glitter if your kids are under 5.)

anybook3dgelspiralflakes 015

Isn’t this pretty? Now you can hang it in a window or use it as an embellishment on a treasure box, picture frame, or even put a magnet on the back and decorate the fridge!

anybook3dgelspiralflakes 017

If you need some extra sick day/snow day crafts, here are a few CraftsUnleashed published last year:

  • Creative Soap Making Kit
  • Lei-making kit (a fun way to bring some summer to these dark months)
  • Fabric crafting – decorate some hats and tote bags!

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