Back to School Gift Idea: Ruler Star Hanging

I can’t be the only one who feels as though summer is slipping through my fingers. The break is already halfway over, and before you know it, it’ll be backpacks and lunch kits and “Tell me you haven’t lost your shoes again…. ”

I love coming up with back to school gift ideas for teachers. It’s probably because my day job was being a teacher before I had my kidlets. Even though I taught high school, I always made sure that I had a nicely decorated classroom.

There weren’t any empty bulletin boards in my room. I was the teacher stapling scrapbooking paper to them, just to add a bit of “flair.”

Back-to-school-Teacher-gift-idea-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-22This ruler star back to school gift is a simple and easy teacher gift for the teacher in your life who likes a bit of classroom decor. It can be hung on the wall, over a desk or even on the door.

Classroom wreaths??!? Yes, let’s start that trend!

Supplies needed to make your own ruler star back to school gift:supply-list

Once you’ve gathered your materials, this back to school gift really only takes about 10 minutes. The fact that these little flowers come ready to be stuck onto your craft is a BIG help.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-2I wanted my back to school gift star to be large enough to hang on a door, so I joined my rulers together with a craft stapler. This works surprisingly well. Staplers are a must-have in your craft stash.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-3Using the glue gun, I created an A shape with two of the newly-long rulers.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-5Then, I glued the two other rulers from the bottom of the A and across the star. I glued the ruler down wherever I could to ensure that the frame was solid.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-6When I finished glueing on the top ruler to complete the star, I noticed a spot on the lower right hand part of the star where the staples had popped through the ruler. I knew immediately that this would be a good place to put my bow and burlap flowers.

Accessorizing is best when it’s carefully thought out. 

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-7Here is where the crafting stapler comes in handy again. I created a series of bows with the ribbon, and then stapled it together in the center. Voila! An instant and beautiful bow!

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-8Wire ribbon can easily be curled simply by wrapping it around your fingers.

I glued the bow to the star and then added the flowers to its center. I like things in odd numbers, so I chose three.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-9This back to school gift ruler star is ready to be gifted to a teacher or a friend. I opted to hang it with twine, but ribbon would be a lovely choice as well.

Back-to-school-gift-ruler-star-Crafts-Unleashed-1Ring in the new school year with a gift for your teacher!

Apples are nice, but wall decor keeps the classroom cheery all year long!

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    • angela says

      I just tried it with the 12 rulers and it works, you just end up with a bit of space on one side between the lower ruler and upper rulers. Love your wreath! Thanks for the inspiration.

      • says

        Fantastic, Angela! Do you have a picture!

        The reason I used the shorty rulers is because the longer 12″ rulers are not currently available on the Consumer Crafts website – I just wanted to showcase what I could do with the 6″ rulers. I’m so glad that the 12″ ones worked as well!


  1. […] I think my favorite part of the back to school season is simply the back to school supply shopping. I am not going back to school or even know anyone who is but the stores are packed full of wonderful displays of fun new supplies. And since I am not going back to school I can use this great idea sent in by Tara to the blog Crafts Unleashed where there is a great tutorial on how to make a star decoration out of rulers. […]

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